When I started writing Lightpunk (no one throughout here as Solarpunk or Lumineers), I was setting out to write a very simple story: man has MacGuffin, man needs to get MacGuffin to place. Pretty much Lord of the Rings plot in the most basic terms. I wanted to see if I could write a novel, […]

A Few More Goals In The New Year

2017 is finally upon us. As an aside to this topic. I have a random, unexplainable tendency to make absurd statements like “see you next year” or further “see you in five years”. There’s no logic behind it, it simply has it. Alas, around December and January, everyone is saying it, and thus I must […]

Looking Back at 2016 & Forward to 2017

So 2016 is up. A lot of people are immensely grateful regarding 2016 as the worst year ever. I’m assuming most people are being hyperbolic in regards to that so I won’t bother with the obvious arguments as to why it isn’t. It’s been a mixed bag for me, I still don’t think I’ve¬†reached a […]

Delving into Non-Fiction & Historical Records

I’m pretty notorious for reading almost exclusively fiction (and fantasy fiction at that). But I’ll actually be diverting from that to try to explore more non-fiction.¬†For the most part, I’m looking to expand my knowledge on Warfare & Tactics: I’ve found a pretty nifty site that has a good list of great books, historical records […]

Lovesick AKA Scrotal Recall

You may have heard of this little show called Lovesick or before they realized how much of an awful name it was, Scrotal Recall. It’s a British romantic comedy about a man named Dylan who discovers he has chlamydia (that’s an STD… the more you know). As a result, Dylan has to undertake meeting with […]