The Nemesis System

My 2014 game of the year went to Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, being only a casual Lord of the Rings fan, I wasn’t really plagued with the hatred some had for the lore-breaking story mode, nor did I care for the possibly ripped Assassin’s Creed wall climbing system, amidst an extremely tedious job at a […]

Nanners Reviews – Arrow: Nanda Parbat

With this being the first of season 3’s last five episodes, Arrow kicked things into high gear and it was definitely worth it. The entire Team Arrow got some sort of development throughout this episode and it never really felt forced – though Ray Palmer’s story did feel a tad detached from the bigger issue. […]

Nanners Reviews – Spider-Gwen #1

Let’s get one thing out of the way quickly, I’m not a prominent comic book reader. Casual would be more of an apt description. Much like books, or movies or television shows, when I get into it, I get into it, and I far rather binge read/watch/consume than have to track a month at a […]

Nanners Reviews – Gotham: Red Hood

I managed to catch up to Gotham shortly after catching back up to Flash and Arrow, and while the latter two kept me excited through my binge-watching, Gotham wasn’t able to hook me in the exact same way. It’s a case of the show not being good enough yet, or having any particular direction, yet […]