Fable Legends goes free-to-play, and it’s not a bad thing.

There’s this huge stigma associated with free-to-play, for obvious reasons, they usually get associated with a slew of micro transactions, and most would rather pay a single fee and just get the entire game right off the bat without having to pull out your wallet every ten minutes. In this case, it’s the first time I actually feel genuinely excited for Fable Legends.

I was never going to shed $59.99 (over here in Canada that’s pretty much $69.99 plus tax), there are way too many games I’d rather spend that money on and if it was high on my to-get-list like say Evolve, there’s also the issue with multiplayer games such as these in that you really want to play it with friends. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done in my circle of gamer-friends. On the other hand, if I pitch a free-to-play game like this, there’s no reason why not to try it. From what we’re hearing, Fable Legends will be approaching a more reasonable approach to a free-to-play model as opposed to a Candy Crusher spend cash after you’ve run out of limited lives to get more gameplay model (or alternatively spam your friends until they cave and give you lives to put an end to all those notifications).

Instead it seems it’s approaching a more Smite free-to-play model. You get a selection of heroes to play with and they rotate on a regulated basis. I think it’s a smart route to go. If you can get players hooked enough on the gameplay, then you can present a way for fans of the games to simply pay $30 or what have you to just buy the entire suite of heroes just as you can in Smite.

If you’re not the type of play who would usually play a multiplayer arena based game such as Evolve or all those MOBA’s running around on the PC because you’re a console-head, then Fable Legends is a perfect chance for you to get into it. It’s the same way I feel about Neverwinter’s free-to-play arrival on Xbox One, it’s a way for me to convince friends who wouldn’t ordinarily try these type of games to do so, for free, if they enjoy it then they might invest down the line, if not then no harm done. In any case, I feel like Fable Legends pretty much doubled their player base with this announcement.

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