Tshinanu Tries Unity

So yeah, that second thing I was doing is trying my luck at video game development again. Maybe I’ve mentioned it, or maybe I haven’t but originally I was going for a Computer Science major at Carleton University with hopes of getting into video game development. I quickly lacked any sort of enjoyment for it […]

Tshinanu Rambles – 25/03/2015 – Research

Before I start on the topic matter at hand, I’d like to declare with pride, that I’ve actually started writing. I mean, I write daily, but writing fiction if you catch my drift. Well, I sorta’ write fiction daily too. But you know what I mean, I’ve got the makings of a novel. Sure, it’s […]

Tshinanu Rambles – 24/03/2015

To my thousands of readers – I’m kidding, I don’t think I even have one consistent reader -, I’ve decided to cash out and get my own domain. I’m still unsure on if I should change up the page title but we’ll leave it as it is now. The domain itself is my last name, […]

Nanners Reviews – Flash: Rogue Time

Editor’s Note: I just noticed that last week’s review may have been accidentally erased. Not sure how but it is what it is   In the same vein as the last episode of Arrow I watched, I figured it might be more entertaining to review the last episode of Flash as I watch it, so […]

Nanners Reviews – Arrow: The Offer

With all that happened on yesterday’s Flash, I nearly forgot Arrow was coming today as well, and the cliffhanger they left us on the last time we’d tuned in. Arrow didn’t waste much time jumping into those two major events. Thea offering Nyssa her life proved to be more or less, a disappointing aftermath. Cooler […]