Nanners Reviews – Powers: Pilot

The first episode of Powers came out a couple of days ago and I got to watch it on IGN. Microsoft has thrown it’s hat into developing TV shows for its console and Sony has decided to do the same with Powers, an adaption of a comic book series I’d never heard of myself, and while I don’t read everything, I tend to know the names of most big series running around, I may have just looked it over.

Anyways, I got to watch it, I just discovered the other two episodes are out too so I’ll probably check those out shortly after this goes up. Generally I tend to get my thoughts down when the episode’s still fresh in my mind but it’s been four days now so it’s a bit foggy.

Powers stars Sharlto Copley and Susan Heyward as Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim –not much of a fan of the latter’s name-. I really like Copley, he was awesome in District 9, so awesome in fact, if I ever met him in person, I’d be willing to pay 5$ just to hear him swear. He played a vastly different character in Elysium and was once more the highlight –which was nowhere near as awesome as District 9, my disappointment of 2013- and seems like he’s playing a pretty different character in Chappie though I haven’t got the chance to watch that one yet, the critics are raving. I’ve never seen Deena before and to be honest, I’ve never seen most of the other cast members in this series before.

i'd be half tempted to jump if i'd lost my powers too.
i’d be half tempted to jump if i’d lost my powers too.

Editor’s Note: On second thought, the Powers division captain is a very recognizable face, forgive me.

In the era of Netflix and binge watching, I can’t help but question Sony’s decision to air Powers traditionally. Why bother spreading it out across two months, just toss it all up there and let your subscribers view it as they want to, it’s not like there are any ratings to break; it’s not airing on television.

I’m not sure how I feel about Powers just yet. It didn’t really get me excited for any of the future episodes, I could walk away from this and not worry about never watching another episode. Sure, the world is interesting. Powers are prominent, the cool kids have it –in a sort of reverse where in say the X-Men part of the world, mutants tend to be shunned-, and the heroes are idolized. The police have hung their hat and leave the powers to deal with the powers, other than the under-funded Powers division. Christian Walker used to have powers as well but he lost it or it was taken from him, I’m not entirely too sure, the show just fed you such a great deal of exposition, my mind started to wander.

So Walker here used to have powers but no longer does, he works for the Powers subdivision where he deals with empowered criminals.

insert dark knight rises reference here?

I’m sorry this is a total aside, I just realized that Calista (more on her later) played by Olesya Rulin is the nerdy girl from High School Musical. Wow. Times have changed.

After a slip up, his partner dies at the hands of a Powers they’d arrested and is replaced by a certain Deena Pilgrim, a cop who came specifically to the Powers division to team up with Christian Walker and learn from him since he’s had powers in the past himself. They find themselves investigating the death of Olympia, a well-known hero and former Christian Walker partner, from a drug called “Sway”. Olympia died while getting it in with Calista. Calista’s a wannabe, she thinks she has Powers but -as of yet- she doesn’t, and there’s some intriguing interactions between Christian and Calista on identity since Christian’s also struggling with his loss of Powers. Both of them are still struggling to find themselves, and both are nearly broken due to their lack of Powers.

Though Calista comes across like she’s genuinely stupid a lot of the time.

contrary to what you may be thinking, this one doesn’t end well.

This series’ Magneto is Johnny Royalle played by Noah Taylor. He’s got a soft spot for broken things it seems, as he spares Calista and keeps her under his protection –until she runs away after seeing the aftermath of what happens when he gets angry- despite the fact that she knows incriminating evidence. There’s some history to be had between Royalle and Walker too. Royalle’s got the ability to teleport and uses it in an unusually cruel fashion that makes him appear somewhat unstoppable.

The first episode was filled with a lot of exposition and not a lot of actual stuff going on, it mostly delves into the world we’re in, and how it differs from our own, as well as Walker’s past. That’s where the problem is, nothing’s happening, and the things that may happen in the future don’t intrigue me all too much entirely. There aren’t many memorable lines either. It’s got ways to go. I won’t say it’s bad, it isn’t. It’s just nothing you need to watch either. It doesn’t evoke the same feeling I had watching, say, Heroes for the first time. These ghost from Christian past could have been paced out better, we don’t need to learn everything in the first episode. I’m going to go through with the first season but it’s got ways to go before it becomes something I need to lock on to my schedule.

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