Nanners Reviews – Silk #1


I noticed lately that I’ve been consuming a lot of fem-starring series. I’m not a feminist of any sort, I don’t really gauge my interest based off a character’s identity be it gender/race/age/planet, if he’s your standard cookie cutter white male, and he’s got an awesome story then I’m gonna’ check that shit out.

That said, I’ve realized, the few comic book series I do follow tend to stare women. Batgirl, Spider-Gwen, two-thirds of Saga, half of Sex Criminals, the entire cast of Rat Queens… and now… Silk. The sole series I’ve been following that doesn’t stare mostly women has been the Guardians of the Galaxy/Nova series and even then, there are some prominent women to be found.

There’s some deep commentary to be had on that subject, and while this is the place, I’m not up for it at the time. Maybe in the future ladies and gents, that said, kudos on women characters becoming more prominent. Now onto the subject of the hour, Silk.

My comic book friend-person recommended I read it after she heard of my stellar appreciation for Spider-Gwen, so like a good friend, I got my hands on it, and I may… actually like this even more than Spider-Gwen.

First world problems orrrrrr #SuperPoweredProblems

You see, Spider-Gwen drew a lot of similarities to a female Peter Parker in terms of personality, and while my knowledge of the Spider-world mostly comes from pre-Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man, isn’t Jessica Drew already the female Peter Parker. Did we need Spider-Gwen? I’m not sure. I still really like the series, don’t get me wrong! In any case, Cindy –Silk- came across a lot differently, and the quasi-meta humor going around her, and the clear attempt to try and imitate Parker’s cleverness just refined her. She’s different than Peter but still oh-so similar.

I don’t really wanna’ get in the nitty-gritty details of how Silk came to be, but I will for those who haven’t followed Spider-Verse like I did. The first page gets that out of the way for newcomers so you can jump right in, for those who know what’s going on, feel free to skip to the next paragraph. Basically, Cindy got bit by a spider the same day Parker did, at the same convention, the catch, Cindy locked herself in a bunker to prevent a race of Spider-hunters from hunting them all down, Peter accidently releases her, and getting all other AU’s spider-peeps involved, they got into some multiverse warfare… or something like that. You get the gist. Now that that’s over, Cindy has to adapt to the times, and find the family she left thirteen years ago.

K. Back to my thoughts on Silk. (I keep having to tell word to leave Silk capitalized)

Yes Cindy, Pokémon is still a thing… and Dragonclaw is actually an ability.

Cindy’s quirky, and very self-aware, her dialogue is very worthwhile even though it might not contain the pop culture reference and pun heavy dialogue I loved in Spider-Gwen. She’s smart, though perhaps not the best with words, she’s conscious of it and it adds to her in a way. She’s still trying to figure herself out.

We also get some glimpses of Spider-Man, whom she later admits were temporarily a thing, Peter’s still clearly in her webs –that wasn’t a good one, I’ll admit- but Cindy’s trying to avoid him. That said, she still contacts him for advice, after all, she’s still in an adjustment period –a metaphor for us all-, and Peter’s still looking out for her –in more ways than one-.

Classic Spider-laws dictate that she must work under Jonah Jameson though she uses those resources to uncover the case of the vanishing family after she left for the bunker so long ago on not-so heartwarming terms. If media has taught me anything, it’s to never declare hatred upon my kin, because that’s when the universe fucks with you.

Man, I really wanna’ talk more about Silk’s fun dialogue but it’s best if you see it for yourself. So much good stuff!

The main villain this chapter was not unlike Vulture from Spider-Gwen seeing as Dragonclaw is pretty much a carbon copy. I never heard of him before myself, no clue if he’s a classic Spidey-rogue gallery member or a brand new thing for the brand new Spidey in Silk. Unlike Peter, Cindy hasn’t really mastered control of her powers yet and Dragonclaw gets rocked hard, which leads us to discovering who’s funding him, Black Cat. For the uninitiated, that’s the Catwoman to Spidey’s Batman. I think. Intriguing villain though not entirely exciting, she was never my favorite member of Spidey’s hall of villains.

In Dragonclaw’s desperate bid to keep his gig –maybe I missed it but it wasn’t explained why he was so desperate, I’m sure we’ll find out though-, he unwittingly accepts to get some ‘upgrades’. Poor Dragonclaw doesn’t realize those upgrades probably aren’t coming off, though at least he’ll give Silk a bigger challenge next time.

To be fair, you don’t get offered to become a dragon everyday. Does it come with a khaleesi?

Oh, and like Spider-Gwen she has a real nice suit. And she’s Korean –I think, well she’s American-born and raised but, you know what I mean-, yay for multiculturalism.

After overhearing her roommate getting it down, Cindy decides she’s not ready for a roommate and goes back to the bunker, probably not the best way to adjust to her new life, but she’s taking it a step at a time at least.

The last reveal is that someone’s been spying on Cindy’s bunker, some downright manipulation is going to be happening. There’s plenty to look forward to here, like Spider-Gwen, lots of plots and subplots. Dragonclaw’s upgrade, Black Cat taking a new interest in Silk, Silk finding her family, who’ll be trying to manipulate her, will we get more Cindy/Peter pairings –wonder what’s the OTP title for that-. It needs not be said, but Silk’s officially on my to-read list, I’m lovin’ it.

Editor’s note – Yeah, I’ll try and update this blog more often. Got an unpaid gig at Mouse N’ Joypad, writing about games and stuff, so if you wanna’ read more, definitely head there. I’ll be adding a page listing my other worldly ventures up here. Thanks for reading.

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