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This is just a general post, perhaps the most bloggiest post I’ve made on here so far.

Anyways, recently I was given “A Pixel Story” to review by Mouse N’ Joypad. I loved the game, I mean, I’m head over heels with it, so much so that I reviewed it really highly, I mean, it’s now the highest reviewed game on the site. It bids the obvious question of “did this game deserve it?” And we had a discussion backstage on that matter, deservedly so, it was about to top Halo: Master Chief Collection. Now that it’s out, I’m feeling really nervous. I shouldn’t honestly, reviews have a degree of subjectivity to it, and obviously, I’m not the one whose studio depends on the reception of their debut game, that’s Lamplight Studios. I don’t want to end up being that one guy giving a 97% to this game where other reviewers are giving it 7’s – 8’s, and I’m the first guy who’s gotten my hands on it. I’m still in the earliest part of my reviewing life, beforehand I’ve only reviewed Fly in the House which I think I gave a 45% and White Night which got a 61% so this was a huge jump from being saddled with a mediocre game and a downright awful game (even now I’m wondering if Fly in the House should’ve gotten a lower grade).

In any case, the review is out, there’s no taking my score out, and while I feel I did my case justice in the review, I still think there’s so much more to talk about, the little nuances in this game. Hell, I was taking a shower this morning and thinking back to one of the ‘gags’ that I didn’t entirely understand and only now did it click, it made me fall in love further with A Pixel Story.

For an easy comparison to Mouse N’ Joypad’s standards, here are the top 8 reviewed games at the time of A Pixel Story’s review:

A Pixel Story – 97%

Halo: Master Chief Collection – 95%

Terraria – 95%

Child of Light – 94%

Aban Hawkins and the 1001 Spikes – 94%

Watch Dogs – 93%

Strata – 93%

Sunless Sea – 93%

So A Pixel Story clocks in at above 2% from most of our other reviews, and we have a somewhat soft spot for well-done Indies. I find it a tad comforting that I gave A Pixel Story a 97% afterwards, I do rate it higher than I would Child of Light and Terraria though I really enjoyed both of those games. And I enjoy A Pixel Story enough, I intend on making a list about things I enjoyed out of it – because I can. If you get your hands on this game, don’t hesitate to give me your thoughts on it. It officially comes out on March 30th, 2015 and my review is right below in case you were interested.


2 thoughts on “A Recent Review

  1. That’s why its best to not give percentages or grades. I know its what Metacritic cares about, but a review shouldn’t be a number. That’s what makes things questionable. I’m not saying you’re being judged, but other pro review sites have a brighter spotlight to scrutiny.

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