Nanners Reviews – Arrow: The Offer

With all that happened on yesterday’s Flash, I nearly forgot Arrow was coming today as well, and the cliffhanger they left us on the last time we’d tuned in. Arrow didn’t waste much time jumping into those two major events. Thea offering Nyssa her life proved to be more or less, a disappointing aftermath. Cooler heads prevailed… you know… until Roy and Laurel jumped to conclusions and assaulted her. Nevertheless, those mini-fight sequences are always awesome so I can’t necessarily take away from that.

Did you know Roy reads? Neither did I. That's some cool character development.
Did you know Roy reads? Neither did I. That’s some cool character development.

On Oliver’s side of the fence, Ra’s described the opportunity that would be at Oliver’s hands if he accepted the leading position of the League of Assassins, and quite frankly, I couldn’t possibly understand why he’d reject such a role. This is his best chance at truly protection Starling City, if he wants to outlaw murder than he can, Ra’s pretty much ceded on every front but for one reason or another Oliver chose to pass on the offer, and evidently, it’s going to come back to haunt him. I mean, sincerely, I’d understand it if he had no choice but maintaining the killing nature of the secret society but he can reform it under his will.

As the episode goes on, I’m beginning to think it’ll build on Oliver deciding that perhaps the League of Assassins is necessary. Nyssa’s free, and I’m shocked she doesn’t go straight for the kill on Malcolm. Though that might be because of Ra’s orders. We also quickly found out Oliver’s not intent on telling the crew about Ra’s offer though I suspect that they’d all question his decision as they have nearly this entire season. I sort of understand Quentin’s frustration with the reveal though did he really want to hear the bad news from the Arrow or from Laurel? I don’t know, you tell me.

Much like last episode, the scenes between Felicity and Ray feel disjointed from the tone of the rest of the show. I really do like Ray Palmer but I’m slowly falling out of love with Felicity, I feel like she belongs on a show like The Flash more so than she does on Arrow, perhaps let her settle down on that crossover show they’re doing between Flash and Arrow. Not sure, either way, they’ve got to figure out a way to keep those scenes more consistent with the tone of the rest of the show. I’m really curious as to how Oliver would react to Ray’s Atom plotting, if he ever does find out. He probably will.

I was kinda’ hoping Malcolm would be eaves dropping during the Thea and Laurel combo. The thing with Thea is she’s getting a case of, be careful what you wish for, now that she knows everything, she’s back to being mopey Thea. Oh wait, he did overhear. One thing you can say about Malcolm and Slade is that they still feel far more fully fledged than Ra’s who hasn’t nearly gotten enough character development though it feels like they’re making minor progress through this episode.

Rightfully so, Nyssa was frustrated about Ra’s giving away the crown to Oliver, and I’m curious as to if we’ll ever see Talia into this show. We probably won’t but the acknowledgment that Wayne Industries exist in this universe makes me feel like we might.

Just your weekly dose of Diggle wisdom.
Just your weekly dose of Diggle wisdom.

We got another one of those Diggle imparting his wisdom talks with Oliver which was basically Oliver convincing himself that he should take on Ra’s position. Objectively he’s right, and they still haven’t explained why it would be wrong to take over the League. He would be reforming it, as I mentioned earlier, essentially also stopping the world’s largest group of assassins from their countless murders and channeling them into a more charitable league. There’s no world in which it would be morally wrong to reject the offer.

Thea looking back on her life pre-mom only brought to mind the drug head Thea. Eh, I prefer this one. Though I guess I can understand the moral conundrum. We’re quickly also coming to find that likely when Oliver finalizes his rejection, we’re gonna see some League vs. Team Arrow warfare (probably with Thea/Malcolm joining up and Nyssa turning sides)?

The flashbacks themselves aren’t really keeping me interested, a big drop from the high octane action happening last episode. This time around, it just feels like a thought at the back of my mind. “Waller’s” men are back on Oliver and Akio so tragedy may strike anytime soon though. Brings me back to the first flashback deaths of Shado and her father, I totally wasn’t expecting those.

Ah! That classic, let’s be a dick and ignore a call to make a point when I’m about to get into danger situation. Felicity can do mad hacking in about 2 minutes –see beginning of the show- I’m sure if you want him to know about the danger, you’ll make him find out. Laurel’s there. Tell her! If someone’s dying this episode and it’s not Laurel, I’ll be pretty frustrated. Aw damn. Nyssa for the spontaneous rescue. Hopefully we find out why she’s there. Well at least get an awesome fighting sequences, which again, is what Arrow does best. Even if he nearly did get manhandled by the unimposing vigilante of the week for a second. That “that’s not why I do this”, flying into the empty sky moment was super corny as shit.

Just passing by at a crucial moment all in armor. Nope, I won't tell you why.
Just passing by, at a crucial moment, all in armor. Nope, I won’t tell you why.

Oliver finally realizing why he’s doing this really came across as a letdown. It didn’t really have that oomph I was expecting. I mean, with the League that nonsense would’ve been stopped beforehand.

Flashback suddenly got interesting with the Shado spotlight, until we find out she’s like a twin or something. Nyssa better not be falling in love with Laurel. I don’t like Laurel #LaurelMustDie. Also are we gonna’ hear from Laurel’s trainer again, his name slips my mind. Oh man, if Roy’s about to get assaulted by the League, I’m gonna flip a table. Oh it’s Thea. Dramatic CW makeout session? Yup. Song hitting? Oh no. Well, half right?

Well we’re still on a cliff hanger on the flashback plot. But Arrow Al Ghul is in full force. Not as much happening as Flash and I’ll give the W to Flash for that terrific Cisco/Wells scene. But solid episode nonetheless.

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