Nanners Reviews – Flash: Rogue Time

Editor’s Note: I just noticed that last week’s review may have been accidentally erased. Not sure how but it is what it is :/ 

In the same vein as the last episode of Arrow I watched, I figured it might be more entertaining to review the last episode of Flash as I watch it, so that’s exactly how I’m going to review the latest episode.

After “Out of Time’s” tension filled episode, Rogue Time felt far too relaxed, and I hate to use tired old cliché’s but it’s appropriate this time around. It came across like the calm before the storm. Future Barry Allen entirely replaced past Barry Allen, and I’m sure if you think hard enough about it, you can tell why it doesn’t entirely make too much sense but it’s a CW show so we’ll give it a pass. Yeah, I know, we probably shouldn’t be lenient with a show because of the network hosting it but I never expect intricate dialogue and fully realized plots from CW, I try not to think too hard about that ilk.

It didn’t take long for me to think about the obvious consequences that would occur from Barry changing the past, Iris likely wouldn’t confess this time around, and I suspect Cisco would probably emerge alive. To be fair, I wouldn’t have done anything different than what Barry did, getting rid of Weather Wizard saved Central City, and possibly Joe, the police captain/chief/commissioner whatever you want to call him, and Iris, there was no question about it. It was the obvious solution though from the storytelling point of view, it rendered Weather Wizard weak and made you wonder why Barry doesn’t just do this anytime he sees a villain. It was bad enough Liam McIntyre came across as an undeveloped character this week but that status was maintained throughout this episode.

Barry didn’t waste much time breaking up with Linda and I shed a tear. It seems every time these shows produce a likeable lady, she gets tossed aside for the protagonist’s one true love. The writers need to find a way to make Iris likeable, don’t get me wrong, Candice Patton is adorable but Iris comes across in the same vein as Laurel, there’s just not much to like about her and unfortunately, that’s something seen all too often on CW based shows. Remember Lana from way back when? God, she was awful. Linda, comes across great, if they ever decide to kill her off or merely brush her aside after this episode, I’ll be relatively disappointed.

You had to know it was too good to be true.

Cisco is getting more development hot off the heels of last week’s death and with Barry not telling Cisco about his suspicions, I don’t see how he could end up dying again, this time around. His family came across as one dimensionally dick-ish but it paid off with a hot blonde at the bar though I’m quickly suspecting she’s more than it seems. And hello there, she is. Captain Cold and Heatwave slipped my mind, though it’s worth mentioning that I’m enjoying those two more and more as they appear. I did watch Prison Break so I’m familiar with their pairing. Fortunately, they’re comic bookish characters on Flash make them so much more appealing than they were – and sincerely, they were the least interesting part about Prison Break. I’d have a hard dilemma on saving my asshole brother or preventing supervillains from wreaking havoc, even knowing the existence of the Flash. Probably leaning on the latter.

I’m curious though, wouldn’t this have occurred either way in the previous timeline. Why didn’t they kidnap Cisco the first time around? And how did they know about his brother? Wasn’t he still at his birthday party? I mean, I said I’d be lenient with CW but these aren’t things easily overlooked. Whatever happened to Eddie this episode? As predicted though, for some reason or another, Iris isn’t too infatuated with Barry this time around, though I have no clue what would change that disposition from the previous timeline. That’s kinda’ what happens when you play around with time travelling, you leave so many questions unanswered and rarely bother answering them.

You also try to justify changes like the Cold/Heatwave assault on the mob family when there’s no reason that wouldn’t have happened in the previous timeline. The conundrum that comes from Flash’s powers is that you often have to ignore the easy solution to fights. You can do that but that means you can’t ever acknowledge. In the beginning of the episode, they acknowledged it with Flash’s quick victory over Weather Wizard. It makes you wonder how he didn’t just as easily disarm Cold and Glitter (?) before demanding the whereabouts of Cisco? Or even tail them? There’s just so many innumerable solutions but the supposed genius that is Barry Allen has to play stupid and ignore them, it gets a tad frustrating and plays into my suggestion that you need to be lenient when reviewing a CW show, particularly one centering on his circle of powers.

Iris got from unlikeable to hate-worthy. Considering their relationship, I don’t see why she would tell Eddie, I feel like to a degree, she overreacted but it is what it is. Also Eddie reacting with a fist from the get go? Eh.

Did Heatwave just ignore the fact that Cold was ready and willing to freeze him?

Also Barry’s present is still better off than the other timeline. Even ignoring Cisco’s alternate fate. Wells trying to convince Barry not to save his mother but we all know he’ll try. I’m worried Cisco will die again and I may shed a tear if it happens. Again. Cisco stays alive, I’m so happy. Oh wait. Wait. Please. Don’t make this happen. If Wells kills Cisco, my heart will break. God, I thought he would re-enact what happened for the sake of ensuring some of the timeline. A tension filled sequence for sure considering what happened last week with very similar words and the same environment. Wells and Cisco are up there as the better characters on the Flash.

I really loved the man to man confrontation between Cold and Flash. Cold is by far my favorite villain on this series which is also shocking since I’m not a particularly big fan of the actor himself. I’m not sure if I’d say Cold is the best developed villain in this series (bar Wells) but he’s an easy villain to support and I can also see him being a useful piece of the puzzle for the presumed spinoff they’re doing though I’d love to see Cold be a continuous adversary for Flash. And somehow they’ve managed to also undo the whole situation with Iris/Eddie/Barry. This is the sort of cop out you see in less continuity based shows.

We had to suspect that the journalist would end up dying at some point or another, I’m glad to see Barry is finally getting suspicious about Wells. It added a small payoff to an episode that felt like it was undoing everything from the previous one.

This episode sort of felt like a step back, and I know, time travelling is a big aspect of the Flash universe. I just don’t feel that the writers are willing to deal with the baggage that comes with time travelling and will only end up dealing with whatever pleases them. Ultimately, it comes down to what I mentioned earlier, being willing to look past those issues. I mean, it could be worse, this could be Gotham.

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