Tshinanu Reviews – Arrow: Suicidal Tendencies.

Arrow time. Hooray. Man, if I was a comic book fan twenty years ago, it’d be awesome having super heroes on television pretty much every day. I sort of forgot about the Diggle/Lila (Lilah?) marriage, but here we are. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to presume Ray Palmer would someway somehow be an ordained minister when they announced their regular one was unable to attend. I would’ve loved for him to get into a flashback on Ray’s journey to becoming one after he said “it’s a long story” but we’re never that lucky. Ray is a genuinely awesome guy, you honestly can’t hate him. Every other character in this series has their flaws but Ray’s flaw is working too hard, otherwise, he’s pretty fucking awesome.

Now in a post-Red Wedding world, you know I was on my toes during the whole ceremony, particularly with Ra’s Al Ghul not acting all too kindly. By the way, haven’t they heard of Arrow acting out yet? Those are the fastest vows ever. Period. Did she even have vows? What? Yay for interracial marriage. Also yay for no one dying. Then again, the actual dying part at the Red Wedding happened during the celebration. Gotta’ stay weary. I saw lonely Ollie, I saw target-locked Laurel and my spidey senses tingled. No. Don’t do this show. Please. Oh, and, was Nyssa not invited to the wedding. I know she’s an assassin and all, but with the amount of collective kills at the ceremony, she wouldn’t make that much of a difference, would she? Laurel’s dress was ugly, hate aside.

Thank God, thought she was gonna ask Ollie for a dance. Felicity with the save. Ollie’s just trying to make Felicity guilty with this “you deserve a good guy shtick”. Damn you, Ollie. Let’s not broach the subject of them all getting pop up newsletters. As if one night in the batcave, erm, arrowcave, they all came together and talked about this awesome app they should all get. Except Ollie, he’s too cool for that nonsense. Atom versus Arrow? Oh yeah. It’s not happening but I’d love to see it. Team Arrow didn’t waste time realizing Ra’s was behind it, though I don’t mind if it means we don’t have a filler episode with them trying to figure it out.

Based off the premise of the show title, I can’t say I was too shocked with the return of the Suicide Squad but boy am I looking forward to this one. Disappointed we won’t be seeing Harley Quinn though, I was looking forward to her involvement, and instead we get Cupid. Part of me was hoping this one would mostly focus on Suicide Squad but since we’re flying back to Team Arrow, guess it’ll go back and forth. Man, I’d love to see Deathstroke and Malcolm Merlyn on their squad. And on that note, why didn’t they just add Merlyn to their crew, but a bomb in him, and there’s nothing to worry about.

Remember this?

If I’m Colton Haynes, I’m probably to busy looking at Stephen Amell’s pecs to focus on the script.

They can’t possibly be only two Suicide Squad members right? Wonder where the rest are. Microsoft ad placement. Cool. I’ve got a Surface Pro too. Not sure it can do that though. I lost my pen, maybe that’s why. Better than apple, I suppose. Deadshot flashbacks are probably the next best thing to Ray minister-getting flashbacks. He’s one of the better layered villains on the show that wasn’t the focus of an entire season. Here’s you weekly dosage of Arrow has awesome fight sequences. Was Ollie looking straight at Ray? I was hoping we’d get to see some Hawkeye vs. Ironman action but it wasn’t meant to be. Still lotsa time left in this one though.

Ray, Ray, Ray. Don’t do this. I liked you. Don’t be CW stupid. Felicity’s not gonna’ go tell all her friends you’re the Atom, so why would she tell them he’s the Arrow. Also, goddamn this possible love triangle. If we get a stupid goddamn scene where Ray asks him if she loves Oliver, or him, and Felicity hesitates, I will flip a table. I swear, I’ll do it.

I guess Diggle’s learned to live with death when the Suicide Squad or Waller’s involved. Off Cisco revealing Barry’s secret on Flash, it’s a nice contrast to how Ollie reacts though I think jealousy plays a part in the reveal. I feel bad for Ray, he clearly feels in the right and Team Arrow isn’t really approaching the situation in an amicable way. Diggle going in gun blazing is like me when I fuck up stealthing through in video games. He’s taking the Suicide Squad name to heart. Also, this is such a watered down version of Suicide Squad. They’re two people now? Man, SS Diggle is such a hypocrite.

Oliver confronting Ray was pretty pointless, didn’t really make any effort to convince him otherwise, though he’s never been the best diplomat so I’m not sure what he wanted to accomplish. Are you kidding me with Felicity trying to guilt trip Arrow? God, the love angles on this show makes me sad. We got our Atom fight, obviously considering technology and budgets, the showrunners have to approach it from a creative way and I felt they did well enough a job with it. Glad to see Arrow still coming out on top though. By the way, go check out poor Roy, Ollie, dude got it pretty bad.

Deadshot went out saving Diggle, but until we see a body, I’m calling bullshit. Cupid’s been more or less an extra you don’t care much about throughout this episode too. If Diggle actually drops Team Arrow, I will shed a tear. #DiggleForLantern. Mayor may be dead but Felicity’s definitely not dying, they would’ve shown that Arrow going through.

Seeing a trend?

Nice way to end the episode though. Although the entry in Suicide Squad was weak, despite Floyd’s developed backstory, we still got to see some awesome Atom vs. Arrow action. Unfortunately, not all that much on the Arrow impersonation front. We need more Ra’s. It’s not like we’re dealing with a special actor, or CGI beyond belief, they can develop Ra’s but they’re not doing it. We also didn’t see much development on the Nyssa/Laurel, and Thea/Malcolm front which was a tad disappointing. Oh well, what can you do. I think I give Arrow the advantage over Flash’s latest episode though.

He’s not deeeeaaaad.

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