Tshinanu Rambles – Worldbuilding & Progress (Or lack thereof)

I know I’ve got a tendency of basically vanishing from WordPress on weekends which is hilarious because those are the days where I have so much time to write. So this is just a casual update on what I’m doing.

As you may have read, I’ve been trying to get more serious about writing and I’ve got a confession to make, I ended up giving up on that project of mine. Yes, I know, you’re not supposed to, you’ve got to push through, the end product doesn’t matter so long as you finish it. And the thing is, I know that the wise decision would be to push through whatever mediocrity emerges out of that writing but I had this itch for a world I had been building for a while and decided to go back to it. Look, give me credit, at the very least, while I’m not writing on the story directly, I’m building on the world of this story. The motivation sort of came from finishing Deadhouse Gates, the second book in Steve Erikson’s 10 book epic.

Believe it or not, while it was originally meant to be a medieval fantasy akin to his (which would have slowly ventured into colonization period of this fictional world as well as the advent of gun power), I’ve decided to do it differently and expand on the Final Fantasy modern fantasy type setting they often have. It’s a sort of cross of both, but unlike video games, I don’t really have the luxury of tossing in the setting and not explaining why some of these things that shouldn’t make sense are there. Well, it’s a book, so I suppose I could just ignore it and move on with the story, but the man of logic within me refuses to do so. Instead I’m trying to work all of this in a logical pattern.

I think the most successful thing about my world right now is both the magic system at hand and the races I’ve created. I won’t elaborate much on the magic system though I think I might write a short story for the sake of introducing it soon, I’ve really been motivated by the idea of just tossing up these short stories to build up this world, very canon short stories mind you, while I develop the main series. I won’t be writing the first novel with the intent of embarking on a 20 book masterpiece, instead, I’ll sort of take the same direction my earlier author of the moment took, and I’ll really try and make each one sort of standalone. I think I could’ve read Deadhouse Gates without reading Garden of the Moon or anything else and still come out satisfied. I want to do that with the first one, if it bombs and I decide I never want to return to this world (or no one else does), then I can walk away with this standalone piece. And I want each one to be able to do that as well.

On the actual magical system, I can’t help but elaborate a tad (god, wouldn’t it be sad if some clever bloke – I watch too many English YouTubers for my health – took this concept, turned on its head and created a new revolutionary series, might have to give up writing at that point). I don’t like the term magic mind you, it just sounds so childish. I know, that’s a stupid thing to say but I can’t come up with a better word to describe at the moment so we’ll leave it with that. So yeah, magical system will rely on the binding of gods. I know, doesn’t make much sense, the idea actually came on one of the days I was paying attention in Ancient Greek class. And this has been a long time ago, I was vaguely paying attention so any Ancient Greece buffs out there, please don’t flay me.

I actually just went to google this because I didn’t want to have it wrong, you know. All right, so the word religion is derived from the Latin word “ligare” which means to tie or bind. Essentially, they pray to these gods, in order to bind them to our will, I took that concept quite literally, the characters in my universe seek to bind the gods to their well, though they oft do it more forcefully than binding. The gods, much like in Greek mythology number in hundreds and thousands, and in this world, they very much do exist, not always taking physical forms in this world but it’s also impossible to be an atheist, unless you choose to dismiss these people as not gods, in which case, I suppose you could be an atheist and it’s something worth exploring. I also won’t deny the existent of a One True God, an omniscient metaphysical being, he’ll be there but much like you know, our world –if you’re of that belief-, we don’t know why he does things, being omniscient, and they essentially ignore that part of religion, they focus on what’s in front of them, those physical gods.

I think I’ve elaborated enough though, when I get a short story down, I’ll definitely elaborate, perhaps even incorporating some flash fiction into smaller aspects of this universe. Look, if I do anything in my writing life, it’ll be getting one of these things published. I love the idea of this living universe much like you see in Marvel or DC, just constantly moving and evolving with so many stories and characters. It’s why Erikson’s series has me very motivated. Though I could generally say that for every book I’m reading at any given time.

You know, originally I was going to make two posts about two subjects, then I decided to put it all in one, but this got long winded so I guess I’m just going to make a second shorter posts, thank god I woke up early today. Man, I also wanted to talk about this other aspect of the lore that I’d done developed. Fine, guess that can wait too.

No I don’t proofread. Proofreading is for chumps.

Kidding. I’m lazy. Haven’t had breakfast yet.

Don’t hate me.


I love you all.

2 thoughts on “Tshinanu Rambles – Worldbuilding & Progress (Or lack thereof)

  1. Don’t do info dumps. A world should reveal itslef through storytelling and interesting events. It’s good to write an encyclopedia for yourself – I work on a world of my own, too. But not everything in that encyclopedia will need to be in the story. Don’t take cues from George Martin. Game of Thrones as awful worldbuilding, and a setting as original as Vodka Redbull.

    I like your magic system. I heard that too often, novels’ magic systems are just a system of rules, like in a video game. Your magic system has meaning and themes that can be explored (Relationship with Gods, power etc.). It doesn’t sound like it’s there just to solve the characters’ problems.

    Work on that. If you need someone to give you a critique of anything you write, let me know. I write myself. Maybe we could trade stories and tell each other we suck.


    1. Oh man. I would never. In fact, after reading Steven Erikson’s philosophy, the reader might actually be begging me for info. He mentioned in a recent interview where humans naturally aren’t inclined to info dump in real life anyways, and they always hold out information, and I think that works in not only keeping a person hooked in the world but prevents you from just dropping loads of information. I’m in the third book and them hinting at something made me want to keep reading till I figured out, alas, I lost a lot of sleep yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed the Game of Thrones universe for its worldbuilding (and I’d get bored writing pages worth of sigil appearances and family trees), but I’ll admit to loving the story very much and the intrigue going on. Though to each his own, I’m doubtful we’d ever convince each other rather it sucks or doesn’t.

      Yeah, the magic system has rules but their very loose rules for the most part, weaknesses are far more inherent and plain when you get to know more about them so it’s never a matter of going out of your way to explaining it. And those themes will definitely play a part in the world, and of course, it’ll cause far more problems than it solves (and discussing it makes me feel much better about the state of it all now).

      I’ll definitely you let you know whenever I get to writing something outside of my worldbuilding document relating to this world. Don’t tell me I suck too bad though. I say that enough 😀 Thanks man!


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