Tshinanu Tries Unity

So yeah, that second thing I was doing is trying my luck at video game development again. Maybe I’ve mentioned it, or maybe I haven’t but originally I was going for a Computer Science major at Carleton University with hopes of getting into video game development. I quickly lacked any sort of enjoyment for it (not before creating a cool text turn-based gladiator games, sure it was very simple but I think it had neat game design, maybe I’ll go pull it out one day) probably because I hate the nature of university in general.

Anyways, I decided to try my luck at it again and downloaded Unity’s personal edition, and well, I’m trying to figure things out now, I’ll probably post some very mini updates on how things are going with that, it probably won’t take any focus above the reviews I do as per usual and the writing I do on the side. So yeah, this was a very short update, oh well. Guess I didn’t have much to say on this front after all.

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