Tshinanu Reviews – Arrow: Broken Arrow

Arrow probably suffers a bit more from the Daredevil binge than Flash for obvious reasons, they’re far more closely related than the latter, though at the very least it isn’t in Gotham’s situation which resembles the Daredevil dynamics far more closely. Broken Arrow comes hot off the heels of Roy Harper revealing that he is […]

Tshinanu Reviews – Flash: All-Star Team Up

In a post Daredevil world, the television landscape for superheroes is hardly alike and I couldn’t help but keep that in mind whilst watching Flash, nevertheless, I still try to appreciate the show for its own merit. After all, Daredevil is far more akin to the Arrow than it is to the Flash. This is […]

Tshinanu Recommends – MY love STORY!!

Before I get started, a little foreword of sorts. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here though I’m relatively sure it’s on the about page but I’m a huge anime fan, unfortunately I’ve been heavily slacking on my anime watch though I did finish Durarara’s first season and caught up to One Piece for […]

Tshinanu Rambles – Ice (& Fire?)

I finished the first chapter of one of my projects and I’m happy about it. It’s 1:30 am now, and I should go to sleep but I had to get something up about it so why not. Now this isn’t the “epic” I had planned involving a relatively intricate magic system. That’s not to say […]

Tshinanu Reviews – Atlanta Burns

So I had a long trip back from Homeworld #1 to Homeworld #2, a four hour drive in fact, and I decided to pop up a delightful – or the opposite of it –  book called Atlanta Burns (Bait Dog?). Generally, I like to spend my book reading time trying to get through the slog […]