Tshinanu Reviews – Flash: Tricksters

Yay, Flash time. Last time around, Barry Allen finally got around to being suspicious of Wells so him and Joe are also getting around to investigating his mother’s death again. We immediately got more information on that faithful night and got a look at Reverse-Flash pulling off his mask, I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be a younger Wells or if there’s two Reverse-Flash’s running around. Maybe I just didn’t recognize him properly. I’m probably just being stupid though and the answer’s obvious.

Now, I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of overly comic-bookish performances, or overtly excessive ones like the one we got from Vertigo in Arrow, or the maybe-Joker, Cameron Monaghan in Gotham and finally the present Trickster. It just drags me out of it, I think Captain Cold had the right balance between two much of a comic book character, and tamed enough for live action.

On the upside, it looks like we won’t get much Iris this episode which is much needed. Barry & Joe went to go see Mark Hamill’s Trickster (the first one), the most dangerous criminal in Central City history, though when he spoke, all I was reminded of was the Joker. He also played a slight overt character but I felt he was a tad more tamed. I mean, this is just a personal issue, I’m sure some will applaud their performances just as many enjoyed Monaghan and Vertigo’s performances. Despite despising the pretender-Trickster, the original didn’t seem all that motivated to help out with the investigation, though I’m sure he has a stronger involvement to the situation than he’s pretending to have.

Wait, didn’t they mention it last episode that Bridge was missing and this is all common knowledge know? Why is Eddie just dismissing it? Investigation at its finest. I’m going to lean on everything falling apart for Barry and either adopted dad or real dad going bye-bye before they’re able to get free, or at least shortly afterwards. More so banking on the former, Joe’s valuable to the show I’d say.

Okay never mind, both Tricksters are frustrating me. Also Barry sending invisible snipes to Wells is just downright annoying. I’m starting to think Wells didn’t actually kill Barry’s mom and that there’s a second Flash, in the same way that there’s two Tricksters.

Flashback is looking like it’s confirming my suspicions of there being two Reverse-Flashes. The Flash/Iris meeting was heavy on the corny. The “Heavy Heart” line most of all. I like that the city is starting to rely more on Flash though as opposed to in Starling City where Arrow is constantly alienated. The Tricksters kidnapping Barry’s dad of all people can’t be a coincidence, I’ll be absolutely annoyed if it is. Also Trickster part two to get killed probably by Trickster part one. All right, it’s not a coincidence, thankfully.

Yes, I applauded at the hilarity of Luke busting the “I Am Your Father” line, there’s some place for corniness sometimes. I guess he’s not dying. Also I know that Trickster part two actor, can’t put my finger on it though. Man, whoever plays Harrison Wells is also top notch. Don’t worry Barry, I’m extremely confused about this whole situation after those flashbacks too. The Joe & Barry scene was real nice, Joe’s becoming this show’s Diggle, underappreciated but such a big part.

Of course no one recognized the two biggest terrorist in Central City history, Bruce Wayne doesn’t get recognized either after all. Man, Mark Hamill’s voice is too much Joker. I can’t see him as Trickster. For the fastest man alive, Barry’s got insanely low reflexes. And for a scientist, Wells has got a real writers knack for description. Yeah, it was a bit on the nose like most of this episode’s been but I digress. I agree Trickster, that wasn’t very sanitary, for their own sake, I hope they all get checked out.

That last flashback pretty much killed any sympathy I had for Harrison Wells. Man. Poor real Wells. I’m not sure why they needed to involve Eddie in the investigation but I guess it helps reduce the complications. Barry’s quickly getting into Arrow territory where pretty much everyone knows his secret identity.

Overall, it was a meh episode, flat finish to the Trickster duo, too much corniness but at the very least we got to delve into who Harrison Wells truly is. I’m still looking forward to what’s next for Flash but Arrow’s got me a tad more excited.

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