Tshinanu Reviews – Arrow: Public Enemy

If you read my Flash review, then you know I wasn’t all that pleased with the latest episode, it was an all right episode but I felt it lacked a great deal. In any case, I’m hoping Arrow can at least raise the bar for the former’s slack. We left off last week with Felicity looking like she would be shot but the follow up this time around was weak, it’s like they didn’t maintain any of the tension we got last time around, Ray swiftly pushed her down and another guard got an arrow to the chest. Problem solved. It made last week’s cliff hanger out to be, well, cheap and pointless. Oh wait, Palmer got an arrow to the chest. I guess that helps. Also R.I.P. mayor, you lived a long and purposeful life… not.

Lance is holding no shots, going out of the way to kill the Arrow if necessary. I question why he would do such a thing when he knows (at least I think he did, it’s always confusing who knows who’s identity) that Laurel rolls with Arrow and could easily be caught in the crossfire. Downright stupid in fact. And if he’s confidently against the vigilantes now, should he not ensure his daughter no longer puts on the mask again. Lance, you disappointment.

Sure you care.

I’ll admit I completely forgot about the Shado reveal from last episode though I’m sure many of you guys also suspected that was Shado’s twin. So he does know that there’s a copycat and he’s still telling them to fire the shots. I hope Lance actually does charge his daughter as an accessory that’d be a nice development. Roy & Thea together once more. At least something’s going swell in Starling City. Good for them. I’m shocked they’re not just going to sneak a way to give Ray that surgery thing.

Gotta’ love Felicity’s mom’s optimism. Oliver abuses that “what would […] wantyou to do”. Hopefully with that Nyssa training, Laurel is a bit more competent. Also Diggle getting that Deadshot game going. I’m still very frustrated with Ra’s rare appearances. Develop the goddamn character and stop limiting it to spontaneous appearances. Also why is Lance telling them to hold their fire when he gave the order to take the vigilantes dead or alive? Felicity’s genius would be useful right around now. And on that note Detective Lance should not be out in action should he? Heart and all.

This is a real hectic episode. Love the extreme pace. Did Roy not make it? Oh no! Oh yay, Roy’s still alive. I think he’s going to leave at this point though. Oh Oliver, you and your tendency to lie. It makes me sad. If it’s only injections then I would probably take the risk on Ray. Man, Lance is on a rampage. And I’m guessing the Oliver Queen reveal won’t alleviate his frustrations. It seems to me that the cast of the Arrow being all compulsive liars is the source of all their problems.

Hell hath no fury like a father scorned. Eh. Not the right quote but it applies.

Again, the whole Ray and Felicity scenes are so much more upbeat – you know besides Ray possibly dying and all – and it always gets me out of the flow of the show. I’m not sure how Oliver isn’t getting frustrated with Felicity. Oh and if the cops are going to Oli’s place where Malcolm is located… does that mean they’ll discover he’s alive? I wonder if Ray’s alterations will allow him to get the powers he has in the comics.

No one cut the exits? Also with Oliver getting the Casey Jones role, that flashback look is the exact look he’ll probably have in that movie. And Oliver’s secret is out for the world to know. I wonder if they’ll find a way around that. Oh now Felicity’s around now? I think she could probably unfreeze Thea’s assets. That said, wouldn’t they be watching the whole crew? Guess Lance isn’t that smart. Oh no Felicity, you really love Oliver. Damn it, where were you when he needed you though. I hate Felicity now. She’s on my shit list. I hate her. Hate. Her. Go join Laurel on the hate list. Hell, she’s on her way out. You Felicity, make me sad.

No. Please. Why. NO. NOOOOOO! Go find Shado-Twin, she’s better for you Ollie.

Also, really amidst all that’s going on, flashback and present, they think we care about the Felicity, Ray nonsense. If Felicity confesses. I’m going to break a plate. I’m serious. Oliver’s line about truth makes me happy because that has been the theme this whole show, lies breaking relationships endlessly. I’m loving it being brought back in the flashback too, particularly because I was mentioning it earlier jokingly.

I said it before, Lance is pulling no punches. Man, he’s great this episode. And we end the episode with Roy getting arrested. If Quentin believes even for one second that that’s true, I’ll be frustrated since he knows Roy’s Arsenal. I’m not liking this development all too much, I’m also a tad disappointed Thea wasn’t shown reacting to Oliver’s arrest, not even visiting.

Nevertheless, this episode was good, intense and very high paced, flashbacks included. Sure, as per usual, it’s not a perfect episode but the main story at hand here kept me hooked. Definitely gotta give Arrow the props this week and I’m really looking forward to the show progressively ramping up as we get closer to the end of the season.

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