Tshinanu Rambles – Ice (& Fire?)

I finished the first chapter of one of my projects and I’m happy about it. It’s 1:30 am now, and I should go to sleep but I had to get something up about it so why not. Now this isn’t the “epic” I had planned involving a relatively intricate magic system. That’s not to say I’m done with that world. It’s still getting built, hell I’ve done some research on real life history as a basis to evolve my own world’s history. And I’ve written a complete outline for the first book (I think it measured about 2K, still thickening but the grand lines of the tale are there), and I’ve also undertaken a glossary since I’ve got so many terms there.

This is about what I initially mentioned way back when, my 350 words a day project, and it’s called Ice. Essentially a super hero story. I know, I can hear you groaning. Stop it. You’re making me feel like a sell out. Ice, I feel, is the best opportunity for me to get to writing. Sure, I’d love to just dive into Unbound (we’ll use that as the loose unconfirmed term for that “epic”) and become Tolkien overnight but we both know that’s not how it works. So instead we have Ice, I want to get my feet wet (or frozen, get it? Ha. Ha. Ha.) and I thought this was the best opportunity.

Reading comics like Batgirl, Silk, Spider-Gwen and the influx of super hero shows, movies, and what have you probably doesn’t help. And I feel like I’m jumping into an overly saturated market but I like the story I’m telling. I don’t want Ice to be the next big thing, all I want out of this is a complete project. I want to print out all the pages and discover that, “oh shit, I finished something”. I don’t care if it turns out bad, but I really do want to finish it.

I was occasionally pecking at it to be honest. Had a first chapter done, 1K long but I felt I rushed the ending, just jumped into a sudden action sequence and it was done, badly done. Way too short too. I’m satisfied with the writing, a tad, I wanted to tell a better story though. So it extended, but then I got lost into tying strings together. And I discovered I needed a second point of view so that’s what’s happening, we have a second point of view (and I’m half tempted to start calling this book A Song of Ice and Fire) and it ties off real nice. It also offers up a fresh challenge, Unbound will definitely have a fuck ton of viewpoints, so this helps, and making sure the viewpoints feel different is a worthy challenge too.

It’s not a chapter point of view switch sort of situation. That would bog me down. I’d feel obligated to rotate between the two. But I separate it enough so that it’s clear whose point of view it is.

I’m still not ready to call this a novel-to-be yet either, there’s a high chance it turns out to be a novella, between 20K or 40K. Maybe inspiration will strike and I’ll get some worthwhile scenes that push it to be more. But right now, I’m not seeing it being anything more than that. And I wouldn’t mind. There’s room to just start churning out these shorter length novellas that come across like full length movies and to build up whatever universe I’m creating with Ice. I’m getting ahead of myself, I realize that.

Well, that’s just all to say that chapter one is done. Onward to chapter two and hoping I can build off that momentum. Just 350 words a day, at the very least, I’ll be happy doing much more though, we’ll see.


I lied. I started reading Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski, I might review it. Might not. Depends. That time travelling piece is still coming up too. One day.

Peace, for real this time.

Oh wait, I also like deviant art pictures so I use them on here.

Peace for real now. The photo credit below doesn’t count. Good night. Or whatever time of the day it is wherever you’re reading this.

Feature photo credit to: serwetka from deviantart

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