Tshinanu Recommends – MY love STORY!!

Before I get started, a little foreword of sorts. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here though I’m relatively sure it’s on the about page but I’m a huge anime fan, unfortunately I’ve been heavily slacking on my anime watch though I did finish Durarara’s first season and caught up to One Piece for a second till I started letting the episodes stack up again. This past season though, I haven’t watched much anime, to be fair, bar Aldnoah Zero’s second season, there wasn’t anything huge I was really into. This spring season however, I’m looking into getting back to my anime viewing. While I’d love to review every episode of the animes I’m following, I doubt I could keep up and I have a tendency of –as seen with lovely One Piece-, letting series stack up. Plus, following Flash and Arrow is bad enough. Instead I’ll just do it on a seasonal basis (bar series that are continuous like well… One Piece), and sometimes I’ll do what I’m doing now, post about a series that hooked me on the first episode, and who I’d love for you, my anonymous readers, to follow with me if anime is your thing too.

Now that we’re done with that long foreword, I present to you my first recommendation, “MY love STORY!!”. I don’t know if that’s the exact spelling and I’m sure that it probably has a better pre-translation title going for it but that’s what it’s listed as in Crunchyroll (my number one anime viewing site). I don’t think I’ve watched many (any?) romance based anime but the premise behind the show hooked me enough that I was willing to check it out. The show stars Gouda Takeo who’s an absolute giant, and whom towers over anyone and everyone. Essentially a ground Beast from the Beauty and the Beast and you could say this whole story is sort of a modern rehashing of that. Gouda unfortunately has real bad luck with the ladies. His best friend, Sunakawa Makoto on the other hand is the exact opposite, a charming, handsome guy far more silent and straightforward than Gouda. Through growing up around each other, and their mothers being familiar with one another, they sort of grew fond of each other. I’d say they’re more brothers than best friends.

Since kindergarten (presented in a hilarious flashback), every girl Gouda’s fallen in love with has instead been interested in Sunakawa, and of course Sunakawa’s come up with 50 different not-so creative ways to express his lack of reciprocated love. Flash forward to Gouda and Sunakawa entering the first year of high school (I believe?), and on the train home, Sunakawa spots a pervert trying to grope a high school girl. Cue in Gouda who gets said pervert into a chokehold and they get him arrested (although Gouda gets suspended for school for brutalizing said pervert after he used the very horrible excuse that the girl was asking for it).

The girl in question is Yamato Rinko, a petite relatively shy girl who ends up infinitely grateful for Gouda’s help. So she finds out Gouda’s address and pops over with some cheesecake (and on that note, I need to start hanging around the train trying to spot some would be perverts since approaching girls isn’t working out for me right now). Of course, Sunakawa’s there too and Gouda, after years of seeing Sunakawa play up a Mr.-Steal-Yo-Girl persona, believes that Yamato’s into Suna too. Originally he decides he’ll satisfy himself with having merely helped Yamato.

After another encounter where she brings macaron’s (she’d forgotten her cell at Gouda’s and he was bringing it to her, though he brings Suna along thinking that’s who she wants to see), Gouda decides to make it his mission to help Yamato get Suna. And, we also see Suna for the first time ever show interest in another girl. But the viewers also get the impression that Yamato’s into Gouda after she sprints to a near asthma attack to get Gouda’s email address so they can meet again, so the love triangle issues.

Yamato seemingly likes Gouda. Gouda thinks she likes Sunakawa. And it looks like Sunakawa may actually be falling in love with Yamato. Sure, the premise seems somewhat cliché but it came across as fresh when I watched it, and the dynamics are definitely not something I’ve seen before. The characters all likeable and I definitely had a few laugh out loud moments throughout the first episode, it sold me instantly. That’s not to mention the awesome animation to boot, and for the most part great voice acting though I think I’m still warming up to Gouda.

So My love STORY!! Will be getting a full review whenever I’m done the entire first season which will probably be in three months (here’s to this blog lasting that long). In fact, even if you don’t watch anime, this is a great entry level show for you. Generally I favor shounen’s or seinen’s, so this is a bit of fresh territory for me but I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot in anime rom coms. This definitely gets a thumbs up recommendation.

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