Comic Book Review – Descender #3

Descender #3 has been released today, and I do hold a tinge of regret that I’ll now have to wait a month for the 4th issue, even one day removed from having read the first two issues, just jumping back into this third one renewed my appreciation for Dustin Nguyen’s art. Every pane wouldn’t be […]

Comic Book Review – Secret Wars #1

The Ultimate Universe fascinated me when it was first created because it felt like an easy entry point for new readers to jump in without the issues that the main marvel line are beholden to. You’ll be familiar with those issues if you’ve followed that line, I’m sure, but no bigger issue than 50 years’ […]

Tshinanu Reviews – Descender #2

The second issue of Descender focused solely on TIM-21 (we’ll call him Tim for ease of writing). The creative power behind the Descender alternated, page by page, between the life of Tim before his 10 years of sleep, and his present-day evasion of Scrappers. Scrappers are introduced as sort of scavengers/bounty hunters/pirates, they hunt down […]

Tshinanu Reviews – Descender #1

For whomever is reading this, I tend to be extremely flaky with my reviews, or even keeping this blog updated, nevertheless, I still try to do so every now and again. I’ve all but given up on reviewing Arrow and Flash, though I’m certain I’ll get around to giving my final thoughts once the seasons […]