Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

There’s been a recent trend in the realm of anime in portal fantasy, in particular, the “human gets sucked into a video game” ┬átrope (Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, .//Hack, etc.) and Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is another addition to that long line of sub-genre. In GoFaA, several adolescents pop up in a traditional […]

A Pledge

  It’s already a tad late in the year for new year resolutions and this isn’t really that (though quite nearly). This is a pledge to do certain things this year (and forever more) every day. Things that I enjoy but still tend to neglect. I’m hoping doing such things will end up helping me […]

That New Justice League Animated Series

No, not that one you loved as a teen/kid/maybe adult… that new one they’re making that’s going to bring back Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill for runs as Batman and Joker. The one where they all sort of look like they’re still teenagers. It’s called Justice League Action. Ugh. I hate being pessimistic. Especially since […]

On Solarpunk

When I first came up with the idea to center my work around Solarpunk (spawning from evidently far more popular Steampunk/Cyberpunk) it stemmed from the fact that – wait a minute, no one has yet to make a major work based off this uber-popular yet not totally abused source of energy yet, my golly gee, […]

DC Comics Relaunch/Rebirth

You may have already heard but… DC Comics is apparently relaunching… again. That is, we’re about to get a whole new slew of #1s. You can google it or I can quickly regurgitate it. They want to sort of align more with their movie slate, that means renewed focus on the holy DC Trinity (Bat, […]