DC Comics Relaunch/Rebirth

You may have already heard but… DC Comics is apparently relaunching… again.

The so-called title of the relaunch?

That is, we’re about to get a whole new slew of #1s.

You can google it or I can quickly regurgitate it. They want to sort of align more with their movie slate, that means renewed focus on the holy DC Trinity (Bat, Supes and Wonder Woman) as well as Harley Quinn and The Suicide Squad.

The old extended universe was slotted into one banner called the Legends-verse. Many-a fans were pissed.

I’m not going to hate it on it. Yes, I find it silly to have two relaunches in less than half-a-decade but hey, you do what you’ve gotta do. Instead, I wanted to talk about what I’d like to see. Admittedly, I’m canon obsessed. Some people think its silly, but I really love a strict continuity and defined borders for a universe. I was really glad to hear Star Wars were going to set things apart with their own continuity, thank God, I could actually get on board and follow everything. All I had to do was read the newer books, watch Clone Wars and Rebels, the two trilogies and Force Awakens and I was caught up without worrying about the 50 different takes on characters from the same continuity from the hundreds of other books that spawned for it. Yeah, I feel for the original fans who were so invested in the Mara Jade (I probably botched the names) and the Y…something or another invasion. But for someone newly investing into it, it was perfect.

I want DC to make it easy for me to keep up and follow. What they were doing with New 52 originally, that was fucking awesome, 52 series, a single continuity, it’s great. The Ultimate universe was like that too. It makes it unintimidating for a new reader to get into it. Some of it end up bad, some great like Batgirl but that goes with just about anything. So long as I could follow, I was satisfied.

I want this universe to do what they originally intended. Ever heard of K.I.S.S. That’s what DC’s gotta do here.

DC Earth-One’s Supes still doesn’t know where the underwear goes.

And yet, I’m not hanging all my eggs in that basket. I may have reviewed it not long ago but Batman’s Earth One and that whole line, that’s what I’m keeping my eyes on. That’s what I’ll follow until DC gets around to making things simple in their main line. Earth One is of course a separate DC universe with contemporary and realistic takes on the characters and much more periodic releases, its much easier to follow and (at least for Batman) has great writing. Only six volumes are out (2 for Batman, 3 for Superman and 1 for Teen Titans) but Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Flash are all getting their own releases this year. I’ll add it to my to-read pile… which is a topic for another (maybe soon) time.

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