A Pledge

A Pledge.


It’s already a tad late in the year for new year resolutions and this isn’t really that (though quite nearly). This is a pledge to do certain things this year (and forever more) every day. Things that I enjoy but still tend to neglect. I’m hoping doing such things will end up helping me out in whatever ways. So, what are they? In order of priority of course.

  • Writing: No matter what, no matter how busy I am, I’ll make sure to wake up 30 minutes earlier than necessary and spend at least 25 nonstop minutes just writing. No research. No editing. No nothing. Just write. 25 minutes. Every day. That’s at least 300-500 words. If I can’t do more than that later in the day, then that’s cool. But even if I have the busiest year ever, that’s at least a novel done by the end of the year. (Editor’s Note: Tested myself before going to sleep and right after this. Managed 872 words precisely in the 25 minute span. Still going to hold myself to that 300-500 word goal. But it felt great to make that much progress in a short session.)
  • Watch a TV Show: Just one episode of whatever series I’m watching at the time. There’s way too many shows out there for me to go a day or days without them. One episode is great. Can easily be 20-30 minutes to 40-50 depending on the show.
  • Watch a Movie: Yup. Again, this isn’t a productivity or responsibility think. It’s more, making time for shit I enjoy. 90 to 12o minutes a day to watch a movie. And, hey, in a way it’s research, you know there’s no way I’m not watching that movie critically.
  • Watch a Wrestling Show Every Day: This is almost a given what with NXT/Lucha Underground as my weekly must-watches and a fuck ton of other stuff between Japan, UK and ‘Merica. It’s really hard to keep up with it all so it’s another, gotta do this every day. This can range from an hour to three hours depending on the event.
  • Read a Comic Book: Well, there’s seven days in a week and way more than coming out each Wednesdays. Shouldn’t be hard to dedicate 10-20 minutes to an issue a day. This doesn’t count the volumes that I buy whenever I get the cash.
  • Read a Book: I tend to slack on book reading and only read books on the bus to school and back. Taking 30-60 minutes will let me read way more books and help me get through the mass that is Steven Erikson’s Malazan series.
  • Game: One hour of gaming. The backlog is too long. Just one hour, each day, whatever game it is.

It’s a substantial list but life’s short, there’s so much shit out there and I’d love to just dedicate more time for what I enjoy. So at most, that’s 8 hours of my day and that’s on a day where I’m going all out with a 1hr show/2hr movie/3hr wrestling event. The odds of that happening often if ever, are really low. But they’re there just in case. There’s 24 hours in a day anyways. So this basically takes into account 8 hours of sleep (and I’m trying to reduce my sleep anyways because 8 hours is a lot of time lost sleeping) and 8 hours at work or at uni (and I can probably sneak in 30 minutes of reading at work and much more at uni).

Well, that’s about all I wanted to say. Here’s to starting this when I wake up before my shift at work tomorrow (today technically).

Daily Log:

Blog: 550 Words Today | 550 Words in January (as of 3oth)

Fiction: 870 Words Today | 870 Words in January (as of 30th)

Total Words: 1420 Words Today | 1420 in January (as of 30th)


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