Day One

Always up for an excuse to show off awesome pictures. Jessada-Art at DeviantArt

I wish there was a way to avoid this going to anyone whom hypothetically subbed to this blog since this coming daily will probably get spammy and will just overrun your email which I would hate to do when you may hypothetically only be interested in the other stuff I have to ‘offer’.

This space is still largely for me though so until I’ve figured that out, it’ll have to be an unfollow or deal with it situation, unfortunately.

Writing: So writing was a mixed bag. Technically after last night’s post I wrote about 800 words. Went to sleep for 4-5 hours. Woke up at 5:45. Wasted time on my phone till 6:00. Showered, got ready for work (7:00) and saw I had 20 minutes still left at about 6:30 so I tried to fit in as much writing as I could. That amounted to about 500 words which is still pretty good all things considered. I had to work on an essay based off Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” so that took most of my post-work time. 

TV: Well, you probably know by now, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash was my fix for the day. A nice 20 minute episode that subsequently led into my first impressions of the series. 

Comics: I hate digital copies but I bought All-New, All-Different Avengers #1 from Comixology. Got through 2/3rds of it during my break at work. Once I catch up to it, I’ll probably put my impressions up in here. Good stuff though. I really haven’t read much Marvel/DC due to all those crossover events, instead preferring to stick to independent or creator-owned series. I’m trying to add some Marvel/DC back into my rotation though. 

Game: Football Manager is my ole’ reliable here. Probably gamed a bit more than I should have. 

Fails: No movies, wrestling, or book reading today. 4/7 to start with a working shift and school work isnt bad.

Daily Log:

Blog: 950 Words Today | 1500 Words in Jan. | 1500 Words in 2016

Fiction: 560 Words Today | 1430 Words in Jan. | 1430 Words in 2016

Non-Fiction: 420 Words Today | 420 Words in Jan. | 420 Words in 2016

Total Words: 1930 Words Today | 3350 Words in Jan. | 3350 Words in 2016



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