Day Four


Let me start by saying, I tried, I really did. But you know, a 5:30AM to 7:00PM day really kills you. Ultimately I only managed a measly 862 words which is over 2K short of what I needed to get today. Fear not, tomorrow I have no school or work and if I don’t repeat todays events, I should be able to make up for my failures.

Otherwise: I watched another episode of Gravity Falls which is basically the epitome of what kids television should-be, something that appeals to all ages, is intelligent but still super fun no matter how young you are. And Dipper and Mabel are adorable. I also watched the first episode of Better Call Saul. I really enjoy Vince Gilligan’s directing and while I don’t have the social skills to ever direct, I still think I’d like to one day try my hand at a short film. I’ve got other priorities before that though.

Oh, and more Football Manager.

Look, I promise, tomorrow will be better.

Blog: 163 Words Today | 1504 Words in Feb. | 3004 Words in 2016

Fiction: 862 Words Today | 6251 Words in Feb. | 7681 Words in 2016

Non-Fiction: 0 Words Today | 0 Words in Feb. | 420 Words in 2016

Total Words: 1025 Words Today | 7755 Words in Feb. | 11105 Words in 2016

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