Day Five


On one hand, I’m really happy with what I produced today, on the other, I’m pretty confident I could’ve got a lot more sessions in if I hadn’t broken up my time breaks with various other things. Still, I made up entirely for yesterday’s slow day and then some. I managed to get in seven 25 minute sessions of writing and an 8th to close out the day of 10 minutes (literally had 10 minutes till midnight so decided to do as much as I could. Here’s the session breakdown:

Session 1: 899

Session 2: 795

Session 3: 943 (I got interrupted by a phone call from family so I added 5 minutes that kind of went past 5 minutes sort of)

Session 4: 813 (Definitely slowed down here since I was starting a new chapter with a completely different scenery)

Session 5: 654

Session 6: 916

Session 7: 985

Session 8: 390 (10 minute session)

So that’s an about 857 average for the first 7 sessions combined which is pretty swell. As you can say, I’m pretty capable of passing the 900 threshold so I guess its just a matter of doing that consistently. I began questioning how long this story would end up, I’m somewhat worried that I won’t be able to reach a high wordcount for the story but I also believe that once I get into the editing phase, I’ll actually be adding a lot more worldbuilding and some slower character interactions.

Aside from that, I read some Spider-Man (as you can see from the review earlier today), and played a bunch of football manager but that’s about it. I work tomorrow but I’ll be sure to hit my word count of 3003 and hopefully more.


Blog: 1022 Words Today | 2526 Words in Feb. | 4026 Words in 2016

Fiction: 6395 Words Today | 12646 Words in Feb. | 14076 Words in 2016

Non-Fiction: 0 Words Today | 0 Words in Feb. | 420 Words in 2016

Total Words: 7417 Words Today | 15172 Words in Feb. | 18522 Words in 2016

Road to 1 Million Words:

Should Be At: 95628 Across 35 Days

Am At: 14076 Across 35 Days

Behind By: 81552


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