Day Six


Today was kinda’ bittersweet. I only managed to get three 25 minute session ins but they were super productive (you’ll see below but I was pretty much hovering over 1K). Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a 4th session before work because Scrivener was acting up and I had to stay an hour longer for work so when I got home, I was pretty much too dejected to actually get to writing. I wish I could’ve used up more of that production for some extra sessions but we still managed 3011 words so I can’t get too much.

I think its worth mention that I often go off on how many words I write and obviously no one truly cares. Ultimately, this is mostly for me, to hold myself accountable where no one else will hold me accountable. If I come in here and claim I didn’t hit my goal like say 2 days ago, then I feel a responsibility to make up for it as I did yesterday. There’s also this sort of belief that writing too much/too fast means you’re not producing your best work.


But I’m also of the mindset that I’m going to fix everything up when I start editing, I’m just concerned with getting everything down right now. Is it more work in the long run? Maybe. Maybe not, I don’t know. I’m still finding my process and right now I really like the idea of being able to get through a novel in the span of a month (at least a regular 80-90K sized novel) and then just editing that while I work on something new. That and, I’ve got a new stat I wanted to add. You know how they say it takes 10000 Hours to really become a ‘master’ at something. Obviously this isn’t a factual thing but its still a kinda cool thing to regard. So I did some math. 10000 hours x 60 minutes is 600 000 minutes / by 25 minute sessions is 24 000 sessions. Theoretically, I need to do 24000 sessions. If I were to do 4 sessions a day (which is generally what I need to do to get my 3K Pulp Speed) then that’s 6000 days to become a ‘master’. Wow, that’s a lot longer than I expected, and lord knows if I’ll ever reach that. Still, I’m kinda obsessed with seeing numbers go down or really high so let’s add that.

Yes, I’ll try to make it less about arbitrary numbers and more about the craft.

Session 1: 985

Session 2: 1011

Session 3: 1015


Blog: 416 Words Today | 2942 Words in Feb. | 4442 Words in 2016

Fiction: 3011 Words Today | 15657 Words in Feb. | 17087 Words in 2016

Non-Fiction: 0 Words Today | 0 Words in Feb. | 420 Words in 2016

Total Words: 3427 Words Today | 18599 Words in Feb. | 21939 Words in 2016

Road to 1 Million Words:

Should Be At: 98360 Across 35 Days

Am At: 17086 Across 35 Days

Behind By: 81274

10000 Malcolm Gladwell Hours:

15 Sessions out of 24000 Sessions

6.25 Hours out of 10000 Hours

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