Day Seven


For a day where I wasn’t supposed to work (though did do a quick shift since they were semi-desperate for help) and didn’t do any assignment, it was EXTREMELY unproductive. I did not hit my wordcount and only managed one session worth 1001 words which is exactly 1/3 of what I was aiming for. Alas, I’m not sure I’ll be able to claw back in tomorrow either. I’ll try to wake up early but I’ve got an assignment I’ve got to finish before 2PM and work between 3PM and 9PM so there’s even a very real possibility that I am not able to even hit the regular 3K I’m supposed to do. We’ll see, if I can get productive, finish up my assignment early on and then do some quick sessions, I’ll have been satisfied.

Blog: 136 Words Today | 3078 Words in Feb. | 4578 Words in 2016

Fiction: 1001 Words Today | 16658 Words in Feb. | 18088 Words in 2016

Non-Fiction: 0 Words Today | 0 Words in Feb. | 420 Words in 2016

Total Words: 1137 Words Today | 19736 Words in Feb. | 23076 Words in 2016

Road to 1 Million Words:

Should Be At: 103825 Across 37 Days

Am At: 18088 Across 37 Days

Behind By: 85737

10000 Malcolm Gladwell Hours:

16 Sessions out of 24000 Sessions


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