A State of Affairs (Day One Reset?)

I think it goes without saying, I’ve been sort of slacking. I think you can sort of tell, Day Seven passed and then I went sort of M.I.A. for 3 days which is admittedly better than the 7 months I vanished for last time I was actually updating this thing but it’s still worth mentioning.

It’s not laziness, trust me. Just some minor existential crisis where I end up doubting everything I’m doing and sort of stop productivity entirely. On another front, I also had to deal with a trio of essays and two tests in the past week so that certainly didn’t help at all with getting anything done.

Has my production of Solarpunk/Lumineer/Insert Temporary Name Here stopped entirely? Thankfully, no it hasn’t, in fact, I’m just 3K short of passing the 50K threshold. I mean, this is already my longest work yet and I’m actually pretty confident I’ll end up going through with it entirely and finishing it all. Of course, that comes once more with me getting ahead of myself where I’m already fantasizing as to how I’m going to get this out there (self-pubbed or trad pubbed). I try to resist and keep focusing on just finishing this work, and letting it sit while I move onto the next one, whatever that may be. I’m in reading week, that means after this weekend (Friday to Sunday) I’ll have my Monday to Thursday without any school to take over my time. There’s, at the moment, no excuse as to why I can’t dedicate 5 to 8 hours each of those four days to get this novel done and dusted. I’ve only got about 11~ chapters left and at a rate of about 1-2K per chapter that’s, well, you can do the math, a range of about 11K-22K (it’ll hit 11K for sure but it could reach higher than 22K) and just about 10 hours to do which is way more than I’ll have at my disposal.

It must be said, these calculations are usually more or less mindless since things never ever go as planned and the human life is rather fickle.

So here we are, starting anew on Day One of the daily update streak. I’ll update the count with what I’ve done since I went dark. And then do another Day One update tonight after work maybe to see if I actually did get productive today. So it goes without saying that the words today is insanely embellished (for today) and a tad inaccurate (I did not note down my fiction word count too much during that time) but it’s at least the bare minimum of what I did, some words are lost in the darkness.


Blog: 1324 Words Today | 4402 Words in Feb. | 5902 Words in 2016

Fiction: 1437 Words Today | 18095 Words in Feb. | 19525 Words in 2016

Non-Fiction: 2490 Words Today | 2490 Words in Feb. | 2910 Words in 2016

Fan-Fiction: 3927 Words Today | 3927 Words in Feb. | 3927 Words in 2016

Total Words: 9178Words Today | 28914 Words in Feb. | 32254 Words in 2016

Road to 1 Million Words:

Should Be At: 117486 Across 43 Days

Am At: 32254 (19525) Across 43 Days

Behind By: 85232 (97961)

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