Writerly Update: A Rock & A Hard Place

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on my writing so worth doing it now.

When you stop writing, particularly a long form project (novel-esque), it’s really fucking hard to get back into it. That’s what happened with Solarpunk. I took some time away from it unintentionally and it’s been really hard to get back into it. I’m very nearly tempted to start a new project but the realization that I’m so close to finishing it is stopping me. After all, if I finish it, I can store it, leave it to simmer while I work on something else and come back to it when I inevitably have that feeling about the newest project.

Another hard part about getting back into it is that I’ve just got so much other writing to do, particularly with 6 lengthy essays due in school within the next month, it’s creatively draining to get back into writing fiction after you’ve written so much formal stuff.

Anyways, this is just a minor update. Thought it was worthwhile. Might not be.



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