Erased #10 Joy (Spoiler-Filled Review)

placeholder pic till im caught up.


It took me a while but I’ve finally had the chance to start my mini catch-up to Erased and boy is it ever worth the wait. We more or less all had suspicions on two things 1) Misato (that’s the name right) would end up becoming the next victim and/or target for the killer and 2) Yashiro was the kidnapper/killer. Both of those were confirmed this episode

I mentioned it last time but Yashiro was all too obvious as the killer and I’m glad Satoru recognizes that when the revelation finally happens. It was indeed all too obvious, all the indications pointed towards it. That said, the eventual revelation to it filled me, and no doubt everyone else watching with dread. Yashiro conveniently catching him in front of the washroom. Saying Misato had gone out (and we should’ve known better, Satoru was right there after all). Satoru confessing his plans to Yashiro, Yashiro going onto an all too suspicious tangent. The broken seatbelt. The lack of candies.

Unfortunately, there was just no way for Satoru, in his current size, to get out of his situation. I think, the only thing I was trying to convince myself at that point was that if Satoru died then it’d be all too obvious Yashiro was responsible right? He wouldn’t walk back home that distance, he’d take a cab or bus. If he disappeared then more reason to. He left Misato and her three former friends along with the bento alone at the hockey rink whilst Satoru’s friends were well aware of Satoru’s presence there. The evidence would point way too strongly at him, right?

Short review since I’m eager to watch episode 11 but definitely not an episode that can be summed up that shortly. After all, there’s still the satisfaction that Satoru did indeed do what he set out to accomplish. Hiromi, Kaya and Aya are all in a better place now (I found it particularly neat that Aya took a liking to the more neglected friend of Satoru’s since at that point, they all but seemed pointless additions to the group).

With that said, time to head into episode 11. Be back in about 45 minutes? kthxbai.

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