Erased #11 Future (Spoiler-Filled Review)

And caught up. That didn’t take long. I believe there’s only one episode left too and I fully intend on watching that episode as soon as I physically can.

Future is an extremely slow and frustrating episode – don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it was a bad one, not at all, and with that ending, you know episode 12 is going to be relatively intense. In the aftermath of Satoru being sent to drown in the car, we see that his last desperate plea, claiming he knows Yashiro’s future, saved his life. I can’t say that with any certainty, there’s a huge possibility that Yashiro wasn’t the one whom saved his life, but really, I doubt it. Nevertheless, they don’t delve much into how Satoru got out of the water and ended up in a hospital bed in the care of his mother.

You could see part of the result of this whole season’s effort on behalf of Satoru. Hiromi and Kaya survived and ended up together (BUTWHATABOUTSATORUXKAYAOTP?)  and have had a kid. Satoru did not wholly remember what happened so perhaps the impact of having not only saved lives but indirectly created a life doesn’t hit him just yet. We don’t get to see what happened to Aya, or his other two friends (though it would’ve been nice to see the aftermath of that) but nevertheless we do at least see Kenya though that’s to be expected.

I think we were all well aware that Yashiro wouldn’t be able to stay away, and we were all suspicious when the doctor was talking with the hospital’s director about Satoru’s condition, turns out the director and Yashiro were actually friends (to no one’s surprise). Yashiro takes a significant risk getting back into Satoru’s circle, and I’m genuinely curious as to what he intended on doing (and how there was little suspicion on him after the fact). In any case, we’re bound to find that out, Satoru regained his memory by the end of the episode and confronted Yashiro, I’m only hoping he’s capable of walking and defending himself at this point (though I assume it wouldn’t be easy for Yashiro to escape anyways).

There were other tidbits here worth talking about. Kenya and Miss Fujinuma’s friend are still interested in figuring out who was responsible or was going to be responsible for all those murders. The little girl Satoru was befriending (ugh it was disgusting seeing those reporters, in light of events like Hogan’s $115M lawsuit and Erin Andrews’s lawsuit, it seems privacy and the invasion of it on the part of the press is a big recent news topic) doesn’t seem to have any direct relation to the tale but I’m sure there will be an answer to that (though terrifying that Yashiro was getting closer to her). We also haven’t exactly seen what’s happened to Shiratori (Satoru’s older ‘mentor’ who was arrested originally), and Airi Katagiri in the present.

Lots of stuff to be tied up for the finale and the ever lasting question of: will we get a second season? I’ve said it before but I might be cool with the show stopping at this point though because we’ve gotten a complete arc and the show can tie up most of the story with this episode as well.

Definitely be back next week for what’s surely going to be a great ending to the series.


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