Power Man and Iron Fist #2 – A.K.A. Luke and Danny, Baby.

This is up a bit late (eh, isn’t everything here). Power Man and Iron Fist #2 came out a week or so back, and it goes without saying, this is still the #1 series I’m hooked on (I actually started reading Captain America: Sam Wilson and it’s probably my second favorite series, plus I got caught up on the Pleasant Hill arc, not sure if I’ll do a review on it or not but it’s definitely something worth checking out, very interesting event).

In the aftermath of Power Man and Iron Fist stealing the supersoul gem from Lonnie Lincoln A.K.A. Tombstone for Jennie, their old secreta-erm office assistant, who was being sort of quasi-manipulated by classic Power Man villain, Black Mariah… Tombstone subsequently puts a bounty on their heads, or more specifically, a reward for the retrieval of the supersoul gem.

Power Man and Iron Fist haven’t totally reunited as the Heroes for Hire, and as with last issue, it’s more a case of filling out obligations than doing the gig again – that isn’t for lack of Iron Fist trying. Iron Fist is more or less attempting to convince Power Man to do it all again throughout the issue though his denial of Jennie’s guilt after they realize what they stole, was a bit annoying. By the end of it all, after they get through Gorilla Man and Black Tarantula (a bad guy and a mostly bad guy) and figure out Jennie is working with Black Mariah, Luke Cage shows the slightest hint at being invested in the whole thing.

This issue is full of a fiddle faddle ton of Heroes for Hire and Luke Cage/Danny Rand trivia that I couldn’t even follow. A who’s who of Heroes for Hire rogue gallery, and I’m pretty sure the only person I actually recognized was Misty Knight and that’s solely because Misty Knight is now Captain America’s sidekick (though she denies it and I suppose the new Falcon fills that role better). Still, Misty Knight is bad ass in her own right (outfit aside) and I’m hoping they’ve got her being a bad ass in the Netflix Luke Cage series too. We also get references to the numerous Avengers out there (something I just noticed myself perusing the Pleasant Hill event, I mean, All-New All-Different Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, New Avengers) and it’s cool seeing them poke fun at themselves. Oh, and for the hell of it, Spider-Woman and Spider-Woman also pop up (that is Jessica Drew and Gwen Stacy).

Oh, and for the hell of it, Spider-Woman and Spider-Woman also pop up (that is Jessica Drew and Gwen Stacy). I’m not sure if they’re on some sort of multiverse-traveling adventure (or maybe this is the native Jessica Drew and Gwen Stacy’s the one traveling) but I sort of marked out for them since I’m a huge Spider-Crew fan. Miles, Gwen, Jessica, they’re all awesome to me. Which links up to the best part about Power Man and Iron Fist-

It’s hilarious. It’s what I want to see Luke Cage and Iron Fist’s respective series do. It’s not laugh-out-loud funny but it’s laid back and clever-funny. We see a ton of their ex-enemies debating about their return. Two of their former victims and current Tombstone henchman tailing them but refusing to fight them knowing very well they probably don’t stand a chance, all the while probably regretting their career choices as henchman. In fact, this issue almost doubles as a The Life of Henchmen: Reaper & Grim, and though they were an unexpected addition, they’re not at all unwelcome. Best of all was them trying to come up with an excuse when they were caught in a video in a car watching Power Man and Iron Fist pound on Gorilla Man and Black Tarantula and having no intention of joining up.

The art’s still a bit queer, both Luke Cage and Danny Rand look occasional weird and at times more villainous than the heroes we’re supposed to support but it’s different and I’m not exactly bothered by it, I’d say, there just has to be a better pick & choose moment of what facial close-ups should be exaggerated and how to do it.

Now that Power Man and Iron Fist know they’re dealing with Black Mariah and a supersoul gem powered up Jennie, it looks like we’re going to get a real confrontation next week, and based off the preview cover, it won’t be pretty.

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