Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-

Where’d you go, Jon?

Eh, no comment. Let’s just pretend like I never left instead of sifting through excuses, amirite?

That out of the way.

Re:Zero is arguably one of my favorite animes at the moment. It has a fuckton of positives, particularly in the first twelve episodes.

Subaru (the main character) seems to check all the positives you want out of a main character, and yet, he has eeeeenough flaws to not be a complete gary stu. He’s optimistic, confident, self-sacrificing, and very much self-aware of his situation. His relationship with Emilia-tannnn and pretty much every subsequent character in his *harem* (and even those not in like Puck, Roswell, and the village kids) are all particularly unique in their own way.

Emilia, Rem and Ram for the most part have pretty well-rounded tales themselves, in particular, Subaru almost feels like a supporting character to Emilia’s Game of Thrones politicking. Mind you, Emilia on her own is instantly adorable, particularly her selflessness and dedication to helping others, although from an impartial point of view, I’m not quite sure she has what it takes to take the throne sans Roswell at her side.

The powerlessness Subaru faces in a world where it doesn’t quite seem like he’s going to get that Naruto/Ichigo/mainshounencharacter power-up is brilliant, particularly because it means he ends up killed time and time again and of course revived. But the world at large seems so amazing and the vast background characters to a series that seems will only last twenty-five episodes breaks my heart. It’s a series I’d very much love to keep going back to.

Then, part two of season one happened and I’m not quite sure how I feel about Subaru’s 180-degree turn. The moment episode 13 triggered, Subaru became pretty much the opposite of a likeable, the authors are deliberately going out of their way to make you hate him, so much so, I nearly stopped watching an anime I’ve just labeled as arguably the best of the season (spring + summer). He becomes entirely selfish, and near delusional, ruining his relationship with Emilia-tan and more or less abusing Rem’s newfound love for him. Unfortunately, a character that once seemed smart enough to overcome the difficulties of coming back to life has either seen his worst flaws come to the fore or has seen his mind broken by the many deaths that have befallen him.

On the upside, we got a fucking godly piano OST out of the most recent episode that’s a must listen, particularly when you get to that scene.

Look, if it’s good enough to get me back to posting, then it’s a must-watch.

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