Let’s Try This Again

I always wondered how it could take certain writers years before they finally finished off their novel – I think I understand now. “Lumineers” (or Solarpunk, or whatever name I’ve been calling it) has been a work in progress for about two years (at least that’s when I think I wrote the first chapter/scene for the first time), I made the most progress around NaNoWriMo 2015 and then some progress throughout the year (mostly in short periods of time when I had a burst of motivation, made one of these posts, wrote for a week, then vanished again). And I’ve been at the last hurdle for like 2-3 months now but I’ve made almost no progress.

Well, here comes one of those ‘I’m fired up!’ posts again.

I’ve been sort of directionless for the better part of this summer, mostly going to work, sleeping, and when I’m not doing either of those things, going with the flow of what other people (mostly family) are doing, I’ve been playing games, or binging TV shows (think I’ve finished Bojack Horseman, Stranger Things and Archer over the past couple of weeks, most of them done in a day). Part of me wanted to get a better job for the higher pay so I could finally get my own car, a new phone and possibly another computer which I imagine just distracted me from what I’d like to do long term… write for a living. So here’s a desperate attempt at trying to make a very passable schedule for the rest of this week, and then I’ll try and take it a week at a time thereafter. Ideally – I can finish the first draft by the end of August. That’s not hard. It’s a question of actually doing the thing… which is the hardest part of doing the thing.

Another obstacle is I’ve webbed myself in a bunch of side-writing stuff with deadlines in place that I can’t really miss which takes a bit of time and energy away from Solarpunk.

In any case, here’s the tentative schedule.

July 28th (Thursday): 


1/2 Hour of Solarpunk

3 SD Fantasy Segments (personal project)

1 RP (personal project)

July 29th (Friday):

1/2 Hour of Solarpunk

3 SD Fantasy Segments (personal project)

July 30th (Saturday):

1/2 Hour of Solarpunk

3 SD Fantasy Segments (personal project)

July 31st (Sunday): 

1/2 Hour of Solarpunk

3 SD Fantasy Segments (personal project)


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