Alderamin on the Sky

Eight episodes into Alderamin on the Sky, I’m finally open to giving it a recommendation and if you’ve been following this show then you probably aren’t surprised as to why I’m giving this recommendation now after a relatively emotional episode. Alderamin on the Sky follows Ikta Solork and fourĀ of his allies who are citizens of […]

70K Milestone

Amidst endless distractions. I have hit my biggest milestone for when I started my novel. Now, I’m not done the story yet but I told myself for this to be publishable length, it definitely had to cross 70,000 words. I’m mostly sure that by the time I’m done this first draft, I’ll be between 75K […]

Blog Update

One of the reasons for this blog inactivity to couple with my tiring job and general inconsistency with what I choose to dedicate my time to (this including tv, video games, among other things) is because ive often sought for generally higher quality content. Originally I wanted to do lengthy reviews but could not keep […]