Blog Update

Here’s a picture of Morty I drew on my phone.

One of the reasons for this blog inactivity to couple with my tiring job and general inconsistency with what I choose to dedicate my time to (this including tv, video games, among other things) is because ive often sought for generally higher quality content. Originally I wanted to do lengthy reviews but could not keep up the pace, I wanted to do daily updates but again that never stuck. I even tried to upload parts of a story I’d been working on but as you can probably tell that didn’t work out either. 
Going forward I’d like to try something different and open myself up to shorter, less substantial posts instead of trashing stuff that I don’t believe are lengthy enough. Even if those posts end up being relatively brief thoughts, the way I see it, if they’re longer than 140 characters then they can fit on a rarely visited blog instead of Twitter. Further on that note, a high performing phone means I can probably make posts on the go easier (though my hand hasn’t gotten used to the keyboard size yet so typoes are aplenty). 

So that’s my mini update. This could end up being one of many false alarms and I still might not post here again for a while but as always, let’s hope it’s not. 

Right now, I’m an hour past the end of my birthday, and hoping to wake up at around 9 am to get some writing done (I suspect I’ll be too tired, and will convince myself to sleep more – also that I’ll only write 1k amidst all the distractions I will consistently spring forth). I’ll have till 2-3pm to at least strike past 1k as I’ll have to go to work after that. 

I keep wanting to buy games (Overwatch and Madden are on my list) or play some I haven’t finished, along with a million other things I’d like to do but I need to remind myself to focus on my novel. Once that’s done, and hopefully published one day, I’ll be able to refocus my time away from things like my job and school and to things I enjoy a lot more. After all, they arent gonna disappear anytime soon and hard work will pay off eventually. 
Alright, enough distracting myself from sleep, good night.

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