Time To Get Into The Valiant Universe

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First off, this isn’t an introduction to the Valiant universe – open disclaimer for those who may think this is a guide.

Now that we’re past that.

I’ve always wanted to get into the Valiant universe. I’m into Marvel. I’m into DC. Often I tried to read them both entirely but quickly lose sight of that ambition in favor of things that are hooking me at that given moment or time (say games, shows, books, wrestling, etc.) Valiant however offers a very feasible way for me to get into a universe from the start and not have 50 different series to keep up with.

When I first got into comics a few years ago, I went with the Ultimate universe. I just couldn’t sell myself on the idea of starting at some random point in the main line while the Ultimate Universe was a relatively young universe that gave us a fresh take on beloved characters, it didn’t have 50-60-XX years of history to get through or more antiquated art to get used to. I got into Ultimate Spider-Man mostly and it was a treat to read. I never did get around to reading the rest.

I attempted the same with New 52 as well but honestly, it wasn’t long before both of those got given up on by Marvel & DC respectively. Secret Wars and Convergence pretty much made it back to being confusing for someone new to get into a fresh universe. I mean, the All-New, All-Different stuff made it a bit easier, as well as Rebirth but it’s not quite what I wanted.

I’m opening myself to getting into Valiant because it’s always been something I’ve been interested in. Using this nifty guide here: http://www.comicbookherald.com/valiant-comics-reading-order/ I’ll be reading Valiant in that order. I’m not doing this in any particular rush or with any sort of regularity though.

As of now, I’ve already read X-O Manowar #0-#4, and one or two issues of Harbinger. I’ll keep you updated periodically on my brief thoughts on the series.

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