80K Milestone

Woo. 80K. I wasn’t sure if we’d hit it but we did and I’m pretty happy. At this point, I’m mainly wrapping up the story. More or less, I could end the story here and now but I believe I’m going to go back to one of my main character’s final chapter and add another scene (which might or might not get cut in the final work since it’s pretty much a ‘leave some threads lying’ type of thing). I will also likely add an epilogue of some sorts to feed into a second book if that ever happens. And possible a last scene to really give it a…

Image result for something good something bad a bit of both

Smooth ending.

Really though, this one is standalone but it’s totally clear that this world will go on and these characters will move forward, in a way it’s only the start of their journey but in another way, we’re not left NEEDING to know where the journey goes because the goals the characters had were accomplished (or failed for some) by the end of this one in a definitive fashion.

So. We’ll finish up those one-three scenes and I will no longer have any excuse but to start editing this whole shindig. I’m mostly happy to have NEARLY finished a novel (and I think I’ve posted in multiple places that I’m NEARLY done and I can’t wait to be OFFICIALLY DONE ((but not really because I have to edit it and everything)) so I can say I’m legit done). Another update will probably come when I’m fully done the first draft. Then we’ll go forward with some second draft changes update.

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