Izetta: The Last Witch First Impressions

It’s a new anime season so it’s time to check out a bunch of the new stuff coming out. One of them is Izetta: The Last Witch.

Izetta: The Last Witch is set in an alt-earth very similar to ours, around the start of World War 2 (whether there was a World War 1 or if the building up to this World War 2 is similar to our world’s, is unknown). The Germanian Empire began the war by invading a neighboring country, drawing the powerhouse of Britannia and a pseudo-France (whose name was different enough that I can’t immediately remember), after a successful invasion of pseudo-France, The Germanian Empire turns its attention to a small patriotic nation Elystadt.

The main character of this series if Finé, the princess of Elystadt and future Archduchess of the nation. She goes to Britannia in order to negotiate help from the nation by offering them their manufacturers and her hand in marriage to their Prince Henry. Unfortunately, she’s arrived to late and The Germanian Empire has already launched an invasion of Elystadt, and, to top it all off, have managed to capture her. In a bit of luck, she finds herself on a plane containing a secret weapon of sorts, Izetta, the White Witch as Finé calls her, or the Last Witch ass the show is titled. Izetta, seeing the resemblance between Finé and someone she once knew, or perhaps dreamed of, rescues Finé. It’s a bit on the nose but seeing Izetta rescue Finé on a machine gun instead of a broomstick provided a nice dose of fun, and the animation for the rescue sequence was terrific as well.

I’m not quite into the series yet, however. The Germanian Empire are only presented in a negative light so far as being a conquering Empire and being associated with real world Nazi-Germany, but taking real world context aside, this Germanian Empire could merely be idealistic uniters of European. We don’t know if they’re an imposing, tyrannic nation, we do not know if they’ve perpetrated the Holocaust, if they’ve got the devil as Fuhrer, etc. etc. We just know that they’re invading Elystadt, and that isn’t enough for me to outright see them as a negative light. It’d be great if The Germanian Empire had idealistic intentions in that they wanted to unite Europe in order to end war in general and ensure a better life for everyone but Elystadt were so staunch in their patriotism, they refused to join up. Now that would be something unique, alas, this, this is something we’ve seen plenty of times before.

This series is getting a great deal of hype and no doubt, it’ll be a solid one. The animation is extraordinary at times, the soundtrack is already pretty marvelous but we’ll see if it steps it up like Alderamin on the Sky did near the end, or if it can even reach the extreme heights of Re:Zero, right now I’m getting the early Alderamin on the Sky vibes so I’m not totally hooked.

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