Combating A Small Attention Span


I forget where I read this (silly as I read this either today or yesterday), but someone mentioned they would tackle something else when they got bored of something they were doing at a given moment, that way their attention would be renewed (having been dulled by doing something for a prolonged amount of time), and challenged once more, I’m thinking this might not be a bad idea.

Originally when I started (or rebooted) this blog, I mentioned wanting to do a variety of things in a given day, of course I failed at that (as with many things, NaNoWrimo? didn’t start it, might not do it, finishing editing that book? yup not done either). So I’m going to try to renew that challenge in a different fashion. Unfortunately, now that I’m making an effort to actually go to school, I have even less time on hand but I digress, we will nevertheless make an attempt. Every day I will have a list, in order of priority, of things I’d like to accomplish, depending on it’s pressing priority, I will spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour on it. This isn’t generally how I do things, I mostly leave things to the last minute and go at it like a binge, mainly with homework, studying and general writerly things. But that isn’t working great for me and ultimately leaves a great deal of pain for then-me, and I have a feeling I’ll combust when I start getting those lengthier assignments.

I’ll try it until the 14th of November and see if I’m able to pace myself and accomplish at least 6 different ‘tasks’ a day or at least 3hrs worth. We’ll see.


Fuck, I think I know what they mean by Divide & Conquer now.

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