I’m not a big fan of poetry.

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poetry be like



I’m in an English major which means, you guessed it, a fuck ton of poetry. Even the epic stuff, when you write it in that sort of form, it just goes over me. The Illiad. The Odyssey. Beowulf. Song of Roland. That form just escapes me and I’m not wholly invested in trying to figure it out. It’s the sort of situation where I’d rather just watch the probably infinitely inferior animated movie or read the Sparknotes page.

Hell, even when Steven Erikson put it at the top of his every chapter-ish thing, it just went over me. I tried to keep a bigger eye on it when I read him mention you could see important details there but even so, I just don’t find much pleasure in analyzing or breaking down poetry.

If you’re wondering why I’m bringing this up: I’ve got a British Literature exam in approximately 4 and a half hours and I’ve got 3 hours to prepare before I have to drive up to catch the bus. That means about ten-eleven Anglo-Saxon era poetry of varying sizes.

Next time, just go to class and take your notes -_-

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