Here’s a random post for you.

One of my favorite past times for both distracting and motivating myself is to scour r/fantasy over on Reddit, particularly for AMA’s (that’s Ask Me Anything for you reddit illiterates). I tend to read all of the author’s answers, mostly those centered around their process, how they got there, and advice of that sort, a lot of other writers are also there so you get a lot of them asking those sort of questions and when they don’t, I like to sneak in with a bombardment of questions myself.

But it gets better (or worse). I tend to track down their blogs/websites, go all the way down to their first posts, and pretty much read nearly everything they’ve written that’s particularly relevant. Just the other day I was doing with Ken Liu. I think the first time I did it, and it was also the thing that pushed me to really start writing more often and to open this as well, was with Veronica Roth.

She’s a pretty special case because you can more or less see her go from drafting a book, tossing that book aside, drafting a new book, redrafting it, selling it, selling the rights to the movies before the book even comes out and more or less become that one in a million you always hope to be yourself. I know I won’t end up with that level of fortune (my story isn’t weird/out there but it’s not million dollar franchise type either) but it’s still cool to read about that sort of thing.

Oh, yeah, I’m totally using this to distract myself from writing right now. Back I go.

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