Some Editing Notes

I’m realizing the more and more I edit that it feels more like a fresh re-write than a genuine edit and I don’t think I’ll get a legitimate edit till the next draft or perhaps the latter half of this one. I don’t mind it all too much because I do think my story is all the better for it and I couldn’t do it if I didn’t have the clear vision I had now. Though I did have my story plotted before I started the first draft, it still had an element of exploration as characters changed and evolved or rose and fell in importance.

That’s probably one of the more particular distinctions, I’m trying to give characters a larger purpose in general. And for characters who truly don’t have a greater purpose beyond those they suit for a narrow moment, then I nevertheless note down their names and place of appearance for future use, even if they do happen to perish in that particular moment, I nevertheless find it useful to give them a name, at least from my persona end, and even the briefest of bios.

These characters still have families, personalities, friends, lives beyond whatever they were doing in that instance, and them dying or going away for some reason or another will  have an impact on the people closest to them which might not be felt now but could be felt later on.

It also allows me to flesh out things that happen just because plot needs to happen, in the case of one particular notable arc that happens mostly because I envisioned it when I was originally conceiving this tale, but I’ve got a better idea of why it happens now, and why it has to happen.

Okay, you’ve only got 20 or so minutes to do some more re-writing, so back to it I go.

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