New Ideas, Mini-Update on Lumineer, What I’m Reading.

So I’ve begun plotting new ideas – for the most part they’re still based on a loose magic system I really like the idea of, and based off our history.

One is very Jeanne D’Arc inspired (Joan of Arc for you english folks).

The second on the Opium Wars.

The third on early Canadian history. My canadian literature class has certainly helped in this respect in terms of giving me ideas.

And lastly, on conflict resources and a utopia.

This isn’t to say any of them are historical fiction but they’re most certainly based off those tales in the same vein that say GRRM’s A Song of Ice & Fire is based off the York/Lancaster wars.

For the most part, these stories (first three at least) were based off the same loose magic system (as mentioned above) but I’m thinking I might do something different with the last one, something more resource related to play with that more deliberately. It will probably also be my next novel and will definitely narrow the cast I’m writing it with. So far I’ve got three viewpoint characters that I’d like to stick. Part of it will deal with sensitive issues which I’ll do my best to treat in the right way. This is intentional of course. In Lumineers, I did my best to avoid anything too sensitive or that I did not know how to correctly deal with just then. I was more concerned with creating a cohesive full length story which I feel like I accomplished though it’s still in the editing process.

That said, I could end up going to that original magic system for this next one if I deem it necessary. For now, I’ll try to plot a cohesive tale for the three characters. I already have a good idea of what I’d like to accomplish. One thing I do want to do a lot more research on is both and ancient and modern warfare. I’ll admit, as much as I love reading military fiction, I’m incompetent at military based games, never held a gun before, and would probably die within two seconds if I was ever conscripted (I want to think I’d cut a finger off to avoid having to go – but I’d be too cowardly for self-mutilation even, so probably I’d piss my pants, run wildly and get shot, hopefully non-lethally or so lethally I don’t feel it… so uh, thats a thought). So I’d like to try and get informed on it.

Again, it’s a case of my first story being as simple a story I could create without going over the top on research. Now I’m trying to focus on creating even better worlds that go into greater details. I still think Lumineers is a compelling story with a unique world (definitely not something I’ve personally seen before) but I was limited to a degree in what I could write.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering on the state of that… almost at 87K. Added a short scene but I almost feel like it’s too short and I don’t know if I should remove or alter it. Rewriting a big chapter as we speak, think it might be one of the last chapters of the first part.

I also finished Price of Valor so I’ve begun reading The Grace of Kings. I’ll wait for Guns of Empire to get a paperback release before I jump back into that series. After The Grace of Kings, I think I have the Inheritance Trilogy to finish off – unless I hit up the Grace of Kings sequel beforehand.

Alright, later.

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