Lovesick AKA Scrotal Recall

You may have heard of this little show called Lovesick or before they realized how much of an awful name it was, Scrotal Recall. It’s a British romantic comedy about a man named Dylan who discovers he has chlamydia (that’s an STD… the more you know). As a result, Dylan has to undertake meeting with all of his past partners and informing them that they should probably get tested. Okay – aside from the obviously fun hijinks that  might emerge from that, you probably aren’t enticed yet.

Lovesick uses its initial premise that quickly falls to the background, to tell an interesting story with a, let’s say, different narrative structure. Each episode is titled appropriately for one of his past partners. Instead of this simply being a meeting with that past partner, the show often sends us reeling back to a certain point in time in that relationship with that particular person. It explores Dylan at that stage, as well as his two best friends, Luke and Evie, in particular, it also showcases the various stages of their friendship. For Luke, that friendship remains rather stagnant yet still heartwarming.

For Evie, it’s more so the crux of the story. See, Lovesick is more so the story between ill-fated Evie and Dylan. It’s obvious enough that the two love each other as more than friends, but fate has it so that any time one or the other, wishes to confess, they’re in a position where they can’t do it (the other person’s in a relationship), they’re not sure they should, or they’re not yet or then interested in the other. It’s a spectacularly frustrating, entertaining and heartwrenching show – but I’m a sucker for a good romcom, even if I might see things coming from a mile away.

When it comes down to it, Lovesick certainly fills tropes you’ve seen before, so it’s the characters that truly draw you in. Dylan is obsessed with the idea of love, so his partners are rarely just casual partners in the way they are for Luke, they’re failed attempts at finding a lifelong partner. On the other hand, Luke’s reasons for whoring around are revealed to be not of a simple desire to do it, but because of past scars (and newer ones too). Evie’s past is a struggle to find a way to divert her attention away from Dylan while the present is the reverse, in a sad twist of fate. Yet the love lingers there.

Even underneath all their drama, and Dylan and Evie’s feelings, the trio have a great friendship, and the show has a great set of background characters, whether it’s the one off ones that appear as Evie, Dylan or Luke’s fling of the episode or ones that come to become big part of their lives like Abigail (the only girl to have two episodes titled after her, and to be fair, I think she might get the hattrick) or Angus (a comedy relief who starts off a bit rough but soon becomes one of the best characters there). In fact, Angus has the great fate of getting what Luke, Dylan and Evie want to achieve after a start that seems going the absolute wrong direction in that desire.

Lovesick isn’t an incredibly popular show, but it managed a second season after two years, and I’ve desperately spread my enjoyment of it through word of mouth to friends & family because I enjoy that much (and it’s sent me on enough emotional rollercoasters that I’d like to see if others feel the same way). If you’re into romcoms, I’d suggest checking it out, the first season is 6 episodes and the second 8, so it’s short and sweet and only 30 minute long episodes each.

+ Bonus points for Dylan being a low-key night rider across the series.

Oh and I probably understated the com part of the romcom. It’s really hilarious if that’s all you’re looking for.

+ Bonus points for quotability


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