Rock God Tycoon’s Black Snow (First Gig)

Rock God Tycoon is a new game on Steam Early Access as of about a week ago. As for what the game is about…

It’s called Rock God Tycoon.

With a limited set of options, you start by dishing out your name, your role (bassist, guitarist, drummer, vocalist), band name, a logo of a pre-determined set (I’d assume we might get more options or the ability to customize or import down the line) for your talent show high school application.

You get a pretty broad plethora of character customization options, with both free and paid (in-game paid, you start with 5000$ which is more than enough to get a reasonable outfit). I spent about 200$ for my character.

I can already tell this is a game with a decent amount of depth. A world ranking for the world’s best rock bands (we’re at the bottom, #2000). A financial management chart. A rent for your house (300$ to start). A band management page. 76 cities to tour around (though the game quickly advises me you won’t have that many places to tour for early access – and there’s no Canada). There’s a rock store for things like props and vehicles. And time management plays some part in it though I quickly pause the game to start lest I make some sort of mistake.

First thing’s first, I set a 3K budget to go out in search of some bandmates. I imagine a montage of shitty auditions follows whereby the weirdest, twisted applicants are the best… or they all suck and we deal with what we get.

Before that, however, I decide to write a song on my own. With a skill of 1, the estimated rating for the song is 0 (out of 5 stars). It’s aptly called “Alone Inside My Head.” I know you’re wondering about the inspiration for the title: “Miss You” by Blink 182 is stuck in my head and I’ve convinced myself the lyrics are “Alone Inside My Head” as opposed to “You’re Voice Inside My Head”. There you go, that’s the legend behind our first track.

Amidst my intense writing of this novelty Punk Rock track that will turn many lonely adolescents’s heads, I run into the Chilly Water vocalist, and I guess, in a marvelous demonstration of my Deryck Whibley-lite voice, he decided to mention my name on the ‘twetter’ and get me 30 followers, I hope they’re not fake accounts.

Three days pass and it’s time to hire the first generation Black Snow members. Darren Meza is our sole guitarist applicant, a mute kid who’ll never compete with me for the right to sing, and who used to play for Prickly Cellar, he also likes to play for animals. I think he has a long future with us. For bassist, I’ve got three options, a guy who likes to listen to video game intro music (not bad), a girl who has daddy issues (har har har), and another guy who lives in his van. I go for the girl with daddy issues with no ulterior motive in mind. Drummers got me three options too – another mute with more or less the same background as our friend Darren Meza, the male version of the small town girl from Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing and some other smart kid. I go for the second mute, again, less competition.

In hopes of building up a decent repertoire for our first gig, I let the three new bandmates write our second song, United We Stand.

Alone Inside My Head gets a 2% song rating. United We Stand gets a drastically better 15% to highlight that I’m a pretty mediocre songwriter and probably can’t call myself a singer songwriter if I have any self-respect. I give first bandmate, Darren Meza, freedom to write the third song for our first gig on his own, it’s creatively called Divided We Fall. While that’s happening, me and the other two get on with “Without You,” a great track about how we’re awful without Darren Meza writing the songs.

Darren’s finishes much ahead with a great 24% rating. Relatively speaking obviously. I go cheap on the promotion for our first gig, some flyers and posters. Between our gig and now, we finish Without You to a paltry 7% which accomplishes the theme of the album. With us all four free, I put us to the task of our first united track, “Together At Last!”

Alas, while there are two options, play show and simulate, the former is greyed out so I’m forced to avoid suffering through our first gig and simply use my imagination to see the small crowd depart in droves after hearing “Alone Inside My Head”.

I wonder if the 2 star show spectacle rating is for how spectacularly awful it was.

We didn’t make any money but we did gain 6 fans. I might have to fire everyone and go cheaper if I don’t want my in-game bank account to match-up to my real life bank account.

Solo dislike post-first impressions? I’d love it if they had gone for another art style. Not a big fan of the clip art style and it rarely looks good in any game I’ve played with it, even one that doesn’t require much animation like this one. Would’ve much preferred a pixel art style if necessary (that is to say, I think pixel art can still look AAA without the AAA ncessities). Game’s got enough depth that I’ll most likely come back to it not only to play some more but also to see what it plays like when it’s fully featured. And of course, to find out the fate of Black Snow.

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