Delving into Non-Fiction & Historical Records

I’m pretty notorious for reading almost exclusively fiction (and fantasy fiction at that). But I’ll actually be diverting from that to try to explore more non-fiction. For the most part, I’m looking to expand my knowledge on

  1. Warfare & Tactics: I’ve found a pretty nifty site that has a good list of great books, historical records and such that I’ll go through. Already pre-ordered is “The Persian Expedition” by Xenophon.
  2. Native American History: This will largely center around Canada but particularly the Beaver/Iroquois Wars. Unfortunately, primary sources on the part of the Iroquois might be scarce but I’ve found some decent historical records of the time, albeit from the Eurocentric point of view. These ones are a lot more pricy I find, which is unfortunate, and will mean I’ll have to get them periodically or else go to my library and pray they have the ressources I’m looking for. The Annals of Colonial North America is mainly what I’m looking at right now.

Of course, I’m still reading fiction. I just finished The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (I’m not sure if I’ll read the next two books since I didn’t really enjoy it) and I may succumb to temptation and buy The Grace of Kings follow up: The Wall of Storms hardcover (I was waiting for the paperback).

I’m also going to be checking out some Romance of the Three Kingdoms adaptions before I jump into one of the translations. Kingdom, a manga series based on the Warring State periods has me interested in more Chinese history inspired works, or actual works from the time. So anime wise, I’ll probably absorb everything and anything based on it and I’ll give the ROTK XIII and Dynasty Warriors games a try.


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