A Few More Goals In The New Year

2017 is finally upon us.

As an aside to this topic. I have a random, unexplainable tendency to make absurd statements like “see you next year” or further “see you in five years”. There’s no logic behind it, it simply has it. Alas, around December and January, everyone is saying it, and thus I must avoid saying it myself lest I sound like I’m burying a joke into the ground, or that I’m using a joke too late. I need to give it space and wait till about February or March to renew this mindless statement. This is perhaps the biggest bane of the New Year period to me.

Now on to the topic.

What better way to usher in the New Year than with New Year Resolutions you have no intention of following through. So here are mine:

Read 100 pages worth of books every day for 365 days.

Watch an episode of an anime/television show/or a movie every day for 365 days.

Game for 30 minutes to an hour every day for 365 days (and important in this is to trim down my backlog).

Get my GPA up to a 10.0 (this is doable if I actually pay attention and attend my courses. Right now I’m coasting in the low 7s).

Write 500 words every day for 365 days (this is mostly aimed at whatever project I’m currently working on, Solarpunk/Lumineer for the moment).

Finish Project A (this isn’t anything you’ll ever see, haha).

Work on Project B everyday throughout the year (same for this, again, haha).

Pay off my laptop (this might not be attainable).

Pay off my surface pro (this could be attainable).

When I get financially stable again, I’ll probably add getting back into comic book readings to the list.

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