When I started writing Lightpunk (known throughout here as Solarpunk or Lumineers), I was setting out to write a very simple story: man has MacGuffin, man needs to get MacGuffin to place. Pretty much Lord of the Rings plot in the most basic terms. I wanted to see if I could write a novel, that was my sole concern, a simple narrative with interesting characters.

Alas, Lightpunk got out of my hands. More characters entered the narrative from POV positions. There were plots that sprawled outside that of my main character. My writing style pretty much changed on a whim (read something Chuck Wendig, want to write fast paced, choppy prose – read something first person, want to write first person – read some semi-omniscient Ken Liu, want to rise semi-omniscient head hopping narrative). As such, my novel is incredibly arduous to even edit. I’ve cut whole pieces to rewrite.

Oh, and let’s not forget that entire part where the world went from quasi-Steampunk to full on Plantpunk/Lightpunk. It’s what has made editing a tough task, especially when my style changes during the editing process as well.

So what’s the plan going forward? I’m not sure yet, part of me feels that I may have to rewrite the entire thing, and try to streamline the narrative (as in get out those POVs that aren’t necessary, maybe even all of them and keep them down to the one) while increasing the intensity of the narrative. I have a pretty sprawling, and I feel, unique world, and for that, I am happy for having gone through that first process but I do genuinely feel a full rewrite may be needed to move forward. The main focus will be finding a writing style and sticking with it which will either be 3rd Person Limited or 1st Person.

I’ll keep this updated when I’ve decided how to move forward. I’m swamped in coursework so I really don’t have much free time as it is that doesn’t involve me just wanting to sleep.

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