Nearly a year on

The last time I posted on this blog was about eleven months ago which makes me as active as about 99% of the authors I aspire to mirror. Really, I only need to get the publishing part down.

One of those two 2017 posts I made was a list of goals I would aspire to do. Can confirm: I’ve probably failed most.

Read 100 pages worth of books? Definite no, no. Actually, between twelve courses since then (seven of which were literature centric, and the other five readings heavy), I may actually have accomplished this. To boot, I actively read several mangas throughout the year, sometimes binging whole series in single nights. I’ve inconsistently checked out comic books. I also finished thirteen fantasy novels of varying lengths. Have I actually complete this? Perhaps, perhaps not. But I am content with my success in that regard.

Watching an anime, television show or movie every day? I can promise you I haven’t. I can also assure you that I’ve had endless binging days of TV shows, and anime and fortunately thanks to my attendance of the Ottawa International Animation Festival, and five film courses across the year, I’ve had my fair share. This has immensely slowed down recently where I’ve adjusted my priorities.

Gaming for thirty minutes to an hour every day? Probably succeeded though that’s largely thanks to games like Football Manager and Total Extreme Warfare (a wrestling simulator) that are really time intensive. Quite a bit of Gears of Wars with my friend, and some FIFA Pro Clubs, Rocket League and Terraria with other friends. No backlog gaming shortened alas.

Get my GPA up to 10.0: Uh… let’s move on (it’s still right where it was before).

Write 500 words every day? Bust. Odds are if you were to consider all my writing done throughout the year outside of novel writing, I’ve done this about three times over but the focus was novel writing so let’s turn it onto that. I have renewed my commitment to writing novels and have probably had my longest streak of days consecutively written. Every day since October 28th, I’ve made a deliberate effort to get some novel writing done. Early on it was just planning but once I got past that, it’s all been novel writing. On the 15th I finished NaNoWriMo (that’s 50K) and now I’m moving forward to actually finishing this novel. I’ll admit to this being a distraction to actually getting it done. 183K would have been the goal for 500 words and I don’t see why I can’t get that done even with just a month and a half left. At 55K done thus far, let’s see how much more damage we can do ending the year.

As for the last two financial stability goals, I can confirm they’ve been hit and were paid off back in August just before interests could strike.

As for Solarpunk (Lightpunk/Plantpunk/Lumineer – I’ll officially stick to Solarpunk until further notice, I promise), I’ve completely replotted it (a 15K outline taking form, and a mini-credit for Django Wexler’s tweeting about working on his outline moving me into gear) and that’s actually what I’m writing at the moment. I’ve got two other works I’d like to get started (Deeds of Violence which I’ve posted about now and again here, and a Afropunk/Naruto sort of merger) once it’s done and the editing process has started.

No promises to post regularly, but here’s at least a nice update for the ghost chilling about here.

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