Hey, guys.

I write stuff. Not very well. But I figured since I’m too lazy to go through the process of submitting short stories/scripts/novels/whatever else I can think of, and I’m not entirely desperate to get that sweet sweet publishing money (and lord knows if I have the skill), I’d just post it here. Odds are, by the time I would find the right sucker to help me get this published, climate change will have made that pointless.  So, fuck it, here it is.

My secret power is my inability to commit, but hopefully I can put something up here once a week, or at worst, I get the motivation to post here every now and then.

Extra Notes: If you know me personally, and you see this site, and you elect to talk to me about this site, I will ignore you. Fuck you, goddammit. I’m insecure. Leave me alone.

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